Roses on a Brier  

sweetnslownsoft 56F
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10/30/2005 5:17 am
Roses on a Brier

Do you ever desire that precious thing that can no longer be had and keep trying to convince yourself that everything will be as it should ...and yet...continue to disappoint yourself? My mind embraces the Victorian poetry of the 1870's today.

Rossetti sums up the mood for the day. "Sea" seems to be a metaphor for the emotional upheavals of life. Be stilled my long desire There shall be no more sea..."

Roses on the Brier
Roses on a brier,
Pearls from out the bitter sea,
such is earth's desire
However pure it be.

Neither bud nor brier,
Neither pearl nor brine for me:
Be stilled my long desire;
There shall be no more sea.

Be stilled my passionate heart;
Old earth shall end, new earth shall be:
Be still and earn thy part
Where shall be no more sea.

Christina Rossetti (1872)

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