Leave Your Card At My Door  

sweetnslownsoft 57F
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3/23/2006 10:17 pm
Leave Your Card At My Door

These "chilly" days
How they make me feel so stiff
-even lifeless
Must be that I'm getting older?
Maybe I should think about heading South?

Let's see...maybe I should change my profile.
Divorced, straight, 45ish, plump, blonde lady ...seeks a nice, respectful, honest man to spend some time with down at Padre Island or the Bahamas....

NO No NO! Let's try this:

A very horny lady seeks a real "bad ass" kind of a guy. A guy who wants to go to the Coast, or the Bahamas, or maybe Hawaii.

Someone who will throw me down on a beach, kiss me passionately, rip off my clothes, and use me as the sex slave that he always wished he had. And do this OFTEN.

I want a "bad-boy" good not a "good-boy" bad. I want a man who can keep it up for hours, who can "do" me for hours. Who can start on Friday evening and not stop until Sunday late. Then, come Monday after work "do" me again. I want a man who likes good head, the most excellent pussy, and enjoys gourmet Sunday breakfasts in bed.

Now, if you aren't up to the job, please don't waste my time. I would hope that you have plenty of time to sleep, because you should not plan to sleep while we are together. (At least not that much).

Don't expect me to want to go "out" with you that much. I'd much rather have your lips on my clit.

Now, if there is anyone interested in exploring the possiblities, please leave your card at my door.

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