In the Passenger Seat  

sweetnslownsoft 57F
361 posts
2/11/2006 8:09 am
In the Passenger Seat

Passenger side I slide on in
Leather seats soft from the heat of the sun
Chewin on a Slim-Jim
Cant stop thinkin' 'bout him
Yeah Yeah Yeah he's the one
Him, yeah yeah yeah he's the one

When I look to my left
See his sun-tanned hands
His muddy river hair
And his thousand acre plans
I'm all shook up like a quarter in a can
Aint life sweet?
In the passenger seat

I daydream of me in a cold cotton field
and the feel of his skin
Window sill smiles, and before I know it
I'm miles away sittin' next to him
Miles away sittin' next to him

Shiftin' those gears
Baby one, two, three
Then he shifts those ocean eyes back to me
Can't imagine a moment any better than this...


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