I Want You To Need Me  

sweetnslownsoft 57F
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11/3/2005 6:05 am
I Want You To Need Me

Celine's songs are on my mind today. There is something about being needed as well as wanted.
Something that brings an 'emotionally safe' feeling to a relationship. Perhaps that is the secret to experiencing the intense depth of emotions?

I Want You To Need Me

I wanna be the face you see when you when you close your eyes
I wanna be the touch you need every single night
I wanna be your fantasy
And be your reality
And everything between

I wanna be the eyes that look deep into your soul
I wanna be the world to you I just want it all
I wanna be you deepest kiss
The answer to your every wish
And all you ever need

Cuz I need you more that you could know
And I need you to never never let me go
And I need to be deep inside your heart
I just want to be everywhere you are

I want you to need me
Like the air you breathe
I want you to feel me
In everything
I want you to see me
In your every dream

Cuz baby I taste you, feel you, breathe you, need you
I want you to need me
Like I need you...

hot4mamis 47F

11/17/2005 6:23 am

This is so what I need.....does it really exist?

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