Wanting something you can't have...  

sweetnsexy72069 32F
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6/26/2006 11:44 pm
Wanting something you can't have...

Haven't you ever wanted something so bad, you do things completely out of character to hold on to it? I'm sure everyone has at some point. I just recently participated in some pretty amazing sex (and I hardly ever get to say that, you lame ass guys that don't know what the hell you're doing......) and my brain went completely haywire. I was like damn, let's keep this around and I went into overdrive. When, after a few days of taking a reality check, realized that yes, this guy is worth seeing again. But no, I am not ready to step into a relationship with someone right now. I am not even standing on my own two feet right now it's crazy to even think that I could partake in something I can't afford to indulge in. A few random weekends to splurge on myself is one thing. But to become a permanent fixture in a relationship wouldn't be fair right now.

I'm actually surprised... I met this guy here... Never thought I'd come across someone like him... If you read this (you know who you are), I'm an idiot lol There's no one I'd have rather experienced my first shower accident with lmao Long story... But so incredibly funny that even I have to laugh even though I was the one sore for a week lol Just a warning... SHOWERS CAN BE SLIPPERY SO USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN GETTIN' BUSY

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