Is there anybody out there?  

sweetngakisses 47F
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6/11/2006 7:03 pm
Is there anybody out there?

Well, it seems that the search for a girlfriend in Atlanta continues. It isn't like we haven't talked to a lot of is just they don't actually show up...OR...they say that they want one thing, but when you meet it ends up becoming something else. For example, I do not want to be with any other men besides my boyfriend and my husband. I consider myself a lesbian minus two. Everyone says they are kewl with this, until we meet, and they all of a sudden want to include some dude. GRRRR...what part of I want pussy not cock do you not understand??

whew! I feel soooo much better now after getting that off my chest...hehehehehehehe

Anyway, like I said, the quest for a great friend that enjoys hanging out with all of us, and also chilling with the bf when I am out of town continues. I can't understand why a woman wouldn't jump on it...two men and a woman to please her...because we are all about pleasure...and also Harley rides and whatever else feels good when I cannot be in town.

Ok, I am done venting...I am off to bed to get my daily dose of shroooom....ladies, you can ask me about that one if you like...if you have had a shroom, you know what I mean...if you haven' better cum to Atlanta because it is AWESOME!

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