What's Erotic to You?  

sweetmiriah 59F
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12/1/2005 11:08 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What's Erotic to You?

What's erotic to you? Is it a place,an idea, a piece of clothing (or lack of), a smell, a particular sound, a type of voice or accent, a food, a certain way you touched? What catches your attention and senses first, stirs up that particular hunger, gets your blood pumping and heats things up down south? What can make you stop in your tracks or turn your head in an instant? Is it tangible or intangible?
Understanding that men and women are different, I want to see how much we're different in this arena. Knowing that men are usually much more visual and women are more attuned to what they hear, I thought it would be intersting to get thoughts from a broad range of you on the subject of erotic things to see if this holds true. Do you guys have to have the visual stimulation of the female form to get aroused or can other elements be erotic to you? Can we ladies really be persuaded and aroused by the right words whispered to us? What do you say?
In fairness I'll start with myself and what I find erotic. First on the list is kissing. Someone who really knows how to kiss and enjoys it is highly erotic to me. If I find someone who can really kiss, I surrender pretty quick. Another erotic item to me is voice. Yes, a female thing, but a deep voice or one with a southern or foreign accent. Extremely good manners is erotic as is a stormy night. These are just a few things that can get to me. There are many others. Let me hear from you about your own erotic things. This should be fun!


cotton820 63M

12/4/2005 12:58 am

High Miriah,
What is erotic to me is not what was erotic to me 2 years ago all the years before when I was a visual man masterbating to movies and jacking off all the time. Now, at the age of 52 and and fight back after a two year battle from an industrial accident I find myself in a phase in life where I can spend up to 48 hours in a constant state of arousal and stimulation through thought touch foreplay reading oral sex art poetry writing talking bathing listening to music caressing having intercourse eating just non-stop love through all ones senses not just gentals but with one's mind and spirit. Sure, I have a large cock, in fact, today, 12-03-05, it was voted no. 1 at this AdultFriendFinder site. But as an artist I will use it well and safely. My poor wife is to damaged by previous marriages to enjoy sex any more but is very protective of me after carrying for me these past 2 years. We used to swing and then it was just me and then nothing at home and me on the outside at home just friends so now she is even jealous of my close friends.

I breaking free from the bonds and she is letting go slowly, she has to or lose me and she won't do that because we love each other to much for her to let go. I have called her bluff because now I am stronger than she is once more and she no longer welds the power. Check out this site if you wish. I will be at the Masterbation Club Meeting in the Olde Un theatre @ 9 to 11 before heading to my place in the country. My wife is out of town for 2 weeks on business and won't be back until December 17th. I have some paintings to get done for my galleries so may be you could pose for one of my painting for me.

eastash 63M
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1/1/2006 4:13 pm

I like to kiss...

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