THOSE kind of pictures..............  

sweetmiriah 58F
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11/5/2005 11:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

THOSE kind of pictures..............

To all of the kind fellas that visit my blog:

So glad you stop by and check my blog out but I bet 99% are very disappointed by the content and lack of "revealing" photos of myself.

Out of respect for myself I do not and will not post such things, so farewell and have fun going elsewhere and adding masterbation masterpieces to your photo gallery.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I have erotic photos and and have great cam technology. But I prefer intelligent conversation mixed with humor, sensuality, wit and creativity versus the crude anatomical review.

Those that intrigue and enchant me reap great benefits, gaining a true friendship that may go endless places and delve into the most exotic and erotic depths should this be where we want to go.

There, thought I should clarify a few things so that the gold can be separated out from the ore.
To those that seek just the physical - I think no ill of you, happy hunting. Just please be many nasty things out there these days.........

Bye for now, look forward to seeing my blog turn gold.

sleeplessknight1 68M

11/6/2005 1:16 am

good post mirah....
well, as yu see I lack a pic too.
I have been visiting many posts, rather than adding to
my blog recently. It is no wonder some do not get much
in fact I wish that some hadnt put up a pic, against their post.
... no comment, lol.
Weed 'em out...lay down ground rule, just as you have done...

due to lack of tag... here is mine.
°°°Hope you will visit my blog sleeplessknight1 and
leave a comment°°°

nedthebundler 56M/59F

11/6/2005 1:30 am


On the contrary, I would rather get to know someting about you first, before I saw what you may look like, erotic photo or not. Although there seems to be a dirth of men complaining about women who post an erotic photo on their profile, there is an abundance of women that are ready to scream at yet another "dick pic". I haven't viewed your blog before now, but the title seems to say, look at me. Well done, and keep blogging......I'll be back!

Madness takes its toll. Exact change please!

janmecir 53M
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11/6/2005 2:23 am

Hi there
Or seperating the wheat from the chaff.... or the....
Yes this place is starting to become more about cultivating friendships - which is odd, because I'd have never thought that to begin with...
And when it boils down to it, thats probably the most endearing and enduring aspect of this blog community.....people sharing their insides rather than showing their outsides....

rm_sweet99911 50M
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11/6/2005 3:07 am

yes u r right Maria .Everything which looks shining in nature n yellow in colur is gold.Its the quality which differs from other makes u gold as gold is differ frm brass, silver,bronzesteel etc. It all depened upon the relation u make with others n what u think n what u do. Hope 2 c u soon

Loosetooth 41M
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11/6/2005 4:30 am

Ok. I understand, I think that intelligent conversation mixed with humour sensuality, wit and creativity is the cornerstone of all good long friendships. But I always find it so much easier to be more intelligent, and a better conversationalist with humour, sensuality and wit if I have seen your norks hanging out on a really small pixilated picture. Sure you will not reconsider darrrrrrlin', go on get 'em for the ladz.

ArcataCaliChris 46M

11/6/2005 1:00 pm

Hi Miriah,

Actually I was pleasantly surprized to see the pics of your horses in your blog. I knew at that point that at least we had one thing in common that I could make a comment on.

As for pic collecting on female blogs, I mean...geesh...if anybody doesn't know what each other have in the way of body parts,or haven't even experienced them personally with someone else by now since this supposed to be a website for adults, then go rent a porno or save your pennies and lose your virginity to a prostitute in a safe manner of course. Instead of holding on to this "Beavis and Butthead Complex" of 14-16 year old obsession and fixation of the unknown about the opposite sex.


Happy Trails, Miriah

Chris :+)

carolandale 72M/71F
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11/7/2005 9:29 am

Good for you, babe!!!--Some things best just left to imagination--or perhaps to experience first hand--great blog--intend to visit VERY frequently--hugs n kisses from your Kirksville friend...p.s. looking forward to collaborative efforts on great american novel..."it was a "dork" and "stormy" knight.."--lol

takeitnow22 61M

11/16/2005 7:04 am

Oh come on Miriah, shows us a close up of your twat. And don't fall for the "sensitive" guy crap, they just want to nail you. Why do you think they are on this site instead of Match dot com? Sensitive and caring guys, ha! Ever met one yet?

takeitnow22 61M

11/18/2005 5:56 am

Miraih My Dear,
You have caught me. I try so very hard to hide my sensitivity and romantic nature. But most women would only take advantage of my kind and gentle soul. I prefer to walk hand in hand down a tree covered path in the woods on a glorious spring morning reciting poetry to you while we pick the freshly blooming wildflowers. And we would gaze into one another's eyes, eyes that are glisning and wide open to the possiblilitys of a cherished new love. And, then I'd drag you into the woods, turn you up side down and fuck you so hard you'd scream my name. I would then drag your limp exhausted body to a tree and tie you to it and do things to you you've never dreamed were possible. I'd take pictures of you and post them on the internet so the all the guys out there could see what they really want, your hot naked body, flush and freshly ravaged. And, after all this, we'd continue on our walk where we'd point out to one another the wonders of nature and the beauty of the world.

takeitnow22 61M

11/19/2005 10:32 am

475 pounds! I was talking about you not your horse.

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