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10/14/2005 11:50 pm

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One of my favorite mares. In the process of getting her ready to ride.

ArcataCaliChris 46M

11/13/2005 6:54 am

Yes Miriah, I to absolutely love Fall!!! It has a smell, appearance, feel and spirit to it unlike any other season! :+) I have enjoyed it greatly--and have been camping out allot in it. The good fortune with the weather this season has been the best I can remeber since I've been in Misouri personally.

And yes, the joy of riding a horse through the fields, woods, and streams, adds a special dimension of beauty one just cannot get on foot alone. In addition, the "special bond" of breaking your own horse to ride from scratch is a special bond only those whom love it and experience it can appreciate.

I remember the Hoopa Indian man I bought my horses from in Humboldt, County,CA. for my expedition down the Klamath River remarking to me that "any white fella that couldn't look into a horse's eyes and see his soul was an idiot! To which to him I replied:" I see more of a soul in a horse's and dog's eyes than I do most humans!" I think that kind of impressed him? LOL!

Well Miriah, I must confess I wish I was riding one of your horses with you in this Fall air and foliage. And it appears we have more in common than just horses in your reply to your last blog. In fact, quite a bit!!!

Would you like to have a riding partner to enjoy the experience with sometime; or some help with their care? Heh...I often wonder if people that friendly and sharing of themselves and their property exist anymore in this rapidly socially degrading, selfish society? I think I'm one of the few left it seems to me???--sadly.

Hee...Hee, only in my dreams I know! LOL!

Enjoy Cutie Miriah!!!

Best Wishes

The Dude

ArcataCaliChris 46M

11/17/2005 5:57 pm

Howdy Miriah,

Thank you for all the compliments! :+) I truly appreciate them. :+)

Please don't tell me your going to put your saddle away yet? :+O They're will be some warmer days again here and there. I'm some what puzzled as to your response here. I mean it has a good poetic feel to it; but its kind of abstract/encryptic? to me. Are you saying you would like to talk to me and go riding with me? Or are you just saying to keep it a blog realtionship? *shrugs* LOL! Especially in your last statement "I'm always welcome here:" I'm guessing you mean to comment on your blog of course most likely? But believe me, if you hav some land out in the boonies I could enjoy, I'd be your stable boy! Hee ...Hee! The contract farm work is pretty much over for me around here now. And I can't stand the thought of moving into Columbia!!! :+( Ohhh nooo, not a town! LOL!

Hey, you said on the message boards "I could seduce you anytime." LOL! I assume you were just flirting around on the message board, but I don't know for sure quite frankly? LOL! ;+)

Well, I can't email you directly on this site since I'm a poor boy standard memeber. *holding back the tears* :+(

So, if you would like to contact me, I always leave that upto the women's perrogative. I admit I would like to communicate with you further quite genuinely and sincerely! So I'll give you my big Y! ID:californaidreamingagain. I certainly like your intelligence, sense of spirituality, your writing, your love of nature, and your love of dogs and horses. So with all that seemingly in common, how can I not be further interested in talking to you? LOL! :+)

Well Miriah, you contact me there if you wish? Like I said, its your choice and decision. :+)

I at least want to play with your basset hounds!!! :+)

Peace and Love,


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