whoops..blindfolded and it's wet!  

sweetlovethe94 40M
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8/19/2006 9:24 pm
whoops..blindfolded and it's wet!

Whether you are blindfold, hand cuffed, or just simply on your stomach with your back arched from play..Here is the question of the day.

I have seen a few people on these sites talk about to swallow or not swallow. If they want it in the mouth, on the face, other places, etc.

So here is the question for the day..No matter what you are in to..

So body part to you like to feel get wet?

Your ass, your back, or your butt. Granted in the pic here..she was blinded folded and was wet from head to toe..

to bad the camera used was not all that good..

She is not really in to guys..but she song a different song after she came from a rabbit and other stimulation..not to mention after she received an enormous wet sensation all over here.. After hearing a weird squeaking (jacking) nose in her hear that she could not see..

nice piercing and tattoos on her too..People like echo...you all better run quick..she may just switch sides..

But seriously..when you are involves in a little bump and grind from behind..where to you like to feel or see it drip or fly from?

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