super hot saturday sexin..melting latex....from hot sex.  

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8/13/2006 5:44 am
super hot saturday sexin..melting latex....from hot sex.

Super Girl part 2

The place of the day for Friday Freakin was Germany and the rest of Europe. The place of the day for This Saturday Sexin is Good old Texas. I have been all over the world but I have meet more funny, attractive, sexy, down to earth, real, compassionate, and honest people from that state that have you back when the crap hits the fan than I have from any other place I have traveled. Something must be in water

So we were kissing and twirling the night away until the early light of day. The club closed she went back to her friends and I went back to my relatives home to make sure she was okay since her husband was away due to a conflict.

Of Course “S” (her real name I won’t use for a reason I will say in a min) So “S” or Supergirl and I exchanged phone numbers, address, etc. So off I went back to southern U.S. and also saw my team loose and many players get hurt. (Heck the ones that play in the NFL now..are still getting

So supergirl and I would talk on the phone and about past hurt and other dirt. People that new me at college back then..did not believe me about this girl. But one day when I had extra money, I said..hey.. Why don’t you fly out here and come and see me? So she did. This was probably Feb of the same year. I had been through a lot that past year. Almost a year earlier.. I should have been dead in a car accident. The crazy thing.. all I saw was a bright light and I did not have a scratch me. (check out the college years..coming soon for more on that one). So was Feb..”S” was from Texas and it never ices or snows there hardly..well this year it did. She drove camero. So needless to say she left in the middle of the night to drive from College Station to where there airport was we had her flying out of of..well.. Around the same time, I was laying alone in bed in my dorm room. I just knew something was not right with her.. So I talked to God a little and went back to sleep.. Granted I wasn’t the praying type nor did I go to church..but something made me get up and shoot something up about her. So why do I call her supergirl? Read on..

Well she was driving..she said others were around her.. She skidded…saw the guard rail coming at her…then saw she closed her eyes..then boom. She opened them again and her car was perfectly straight in the road with no one around her.. She calmed down and drove on to the airport. Well she got in the next morning, and we drove around. We made me go the spot where I almost got killed then started tickling me and kissing me while I was driving all over..including that spot..she was Needless to say I got over all that mess.(The accident.. I was not hurt but others were). So I took her to meet my friends they were all shocked.. Everywhere I went..Holy S!?!? Who the F!?! is that?? You met her in Germany? Then she came all the way from Texas to here to see you!?!?! WWWWHHAT??

Talk about funny luck. We had no hotel, I went to some place like a holiday inn..the guy says.. here Go here and get a $40 room. Do you know where he sent us? T the Flipping A $300 room for $40 …lol. Man we had the oddest luck together..seemed liked we could conquer the world..but nothing last forever..

Well, we were in Orlando. We went to Epcot in Disney and pretty much made out all over. (Since they have miniature versions of the whole world there..we were making out around the It was also nice to be in the big bed together.. = ) So what all occurred in that room…I’ll sit here and let you think…wink..

To be continued..

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