To cum by..  

sweetlovethe94 40M
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8/17/2006 2:12 am
To cum by..

Women and Men...have you had an orgasm, squirted or cam from feet?

I don't mean a fetish per say, just have you either sex on here either by someone doing something to their feet or the feet of the person they are with using their feet to get them off.

Me no..however...while in college (I've mentioned before) there was a big buzz about rubbing feet and how certain parts of the toe and foot represent your head, etc. Well the middle part they your sweet spot. The pussy or dick..

IT supposedly works for some..but hey some can cum just by you sucking on their neck or licking or rubbing on their chest.. (which I love to do ladies..wink)

So how about you today..has anything to deal with feet ever taken you all the way?


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