It can be long..and it can be hard. Your better off to give it try..than to pass it bye.  

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8/2/2006 1:10 am

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It can be long..and it can be hard. Your better off to give it try..than to pass it bye.

A prelude to traveling Tuesday..

This is sort of one pf my disclaimers about my self and really a lot of people out there in general.

Like it or not, many times it would seem that many of us run around assuming to much about other people. As we all know this many times leads to a lot of stereotypes and what I like to call isms. These could be classism or sexism just to name a few.

Well I’m typing this on Tuesday but it probably won’t post until wed. But back to the subject at hand. Because of insecurity, or bad experiences or just flat out nasty people..(male or female) many times people don’t like certain things.

1) a lot of people don’t like to travel or people that travel.
2) Many people don’t like the idea of dating a person that lives in another area..

With relation to the first situation..from past experiences, people are often scared of being left behind. Oddly enough, many people who are stuck traveling for work..may not like to do it..but have no choice. At the same time, many people I know have to travel due to military or protection/ security (local, national, etc). For me..when I ended up all over Europe, parts of the U.S., was not exactly always because I wanted to. People need to give others the benefit of the doubt and not expect everyone out there to be a dog or state/ country hoping in order to wreck people’s lives all over the place..

With relation to #2 I have run into this 4 different times. And I will tell one of these stories below…However I will briefly mention the 3 others.

1) (Granted she is married now) I was the rebound/ friend after a break up. We meet in Germany …hung out in FL but she lived in Texas. She did not want to do the long distance thing..but want to be buddies. However…she met someone who she dated locally for awhile (after being friends) then long they are married.
Thought we kept in touch.. that was more of just a rebound 1 night stand..(for her not me..she was

2) Same state two different cities.. she was pretty much confused..long story

3) for this girl..look out for the “gun show” blog passage later on this week. This took place over 3 states and pretty much instead of me having fun.. I could have ended up meeting a gun..(ladies..don’t be leaving out information about yourselves when you meet someone… aren’t the only ones that lie to ladies..ladies lie

4) the last one..We know each other from Washington D.C. and Maryland…

I went to college down south, she went to college in VA. Have you ever defended someone..and they were do dumb to get it? Or better yet..they were so caught up in their past that nothing you said would get through their thick head?

Lol..well here was one. Lets call here A.R. She was sexy by far, and somewhat of a little acting star. However, she was adopted, bad stuff in past, however when we were together she would forget that all real fast.

Well people in school, around town, etc always seemed to talk trash about her. One of the few people that defended her was me. Well, when ever I came home.. I wanted to take her out..hang out etc. Let me make this clear..we played around but never really had sex at this point. However a whole bunch of other things.

Well I am not sure what suddenly brought it on..but one day she busted out with how.. I did not care..just wanted to see here when I came back up north …and it was just physical, etc..

Lol Funny thing is all she got from others was bad conversation, poor or no sensation and stimulation and more drama and abuse than you could shake a stick at. I knew for a long time..10 years or more..but she lost what she had in store.

Ladies, don’t stick all men in a might think he is a wolf, but he may be a fine fox to rock your socks. With A.R….I told her later..uh..know..that if we kept going intention was to get married since we had known each other for so long…but I guess that was all wrong.. I gave a quick wave hi and bye..and a tear rand down her eye.

Oh snap, oh could take it back. It’s a fact jack, that many are given a way out in life and people just let it pass them by..why? Because that person may seem to shy, may travel, or be the wrong height, weight or shade..

A message to you ladies..some you should blow bye..if you may have just missed your best try.

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