Alone or on the phone, by e-mail or in person's time to moan..  

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8/8/2006 3:09 am

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Alone or on the phone, by e-mail or in person's time to moan..

So how are you doing on this "moaning" Monday?
It may be the first work day of the week, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun...

For that matter it doesn’t that a little..better yet..awhole lot of moaning can't be done.

Here is the story for this day..if you moan..hope you don't have to do it alone..= )

So you like what you see…

Here we are..just you and me. Plus maybe a friend or two (female) if you want there to be. You said to me… “I like you like what you see.” As I come to your door, I want to come inside to see more.

We talked for awhile, then we stopped and started to smile. We started to kiss, and started to bliss. As I moved from your lips to your, neck…with a lick that started with a peck. As I gently kiss and lick each rear..I slowly moved my hands down your rear.

As I squeeze on you see something grow.that you don’t want to pass. You start to undress me, and I undress you. Oh..the things we are about to do.. This French, Spanish and other twirl was getting ready to send you on a whirl.

As we sat their naked on the coached, we rolled over on the floor, and you got down on all fours. You put it on my we start to 69….because you didn’t want you to get yours with out me getting mine. I pick you up and your wrap your legs around me. As I stand up and put your back against the wall..I we kiss and lick each other as we try to keep it up and not slip and fall.

We walk down the hall and move toward the bed. But instead of just plain old sex..we choose to do something else instead. Lets feel your g-spot I say…you smile and say ‘Okay!”. As I back by the head board, you slide back toward me for more. I angle it down until it’s like I feel a small bean…then you start to scream the sweat starts to stream of all of me is sliding in and out of you…and I am rubbing my hands slowly all over you. Pulling your hair, squeezing your dar e air. We have are tired but we still want some more.

Then you get on top..and say.oohh..don’t stop. As I tell you to reach back and grab my ankles as you start to cum again and you g-spot is stimulated again. As I rub your clit and you slide and glide up and down and all around each inch of me..we fall further and further into ecstasy…We are both so we both have orgasms again and you fall down next to me in bed. Then you say, “Dang wonder I feel almost dead…Man we have been at it all day.. we have been at for 8 hours..let’s take a break and hit the showers..

Thanks for the ride…

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