what body zone really makes you moan?  

sweetlovethe9 41M
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8/6/2006 5:44 am
what body zone really makes you moan?

Body part of the Day for Saturday 8/6

Things between the thighs and those zones that affect your eyes. What is/are your erogenous zones? A peck on the neck? A kiss for some bliss, or is the spot being missed? With a flick or a lick, hand or oral stimulation, many are ready for more of a sensation, a climax that can be heard around the nation. The butt, the clit, the lower lips; The head, the shaft or the balls…any part touched as passion rolls on the floor and against walls. It is interesting to see someone reach an orgasm from many types of stimulation. From the neck, chest, or other section..it cool to see people get off from something other than an oral fixation or dick penetration. Even better is when someone reaches that point from both your “joint” and from stimulating that right point. Internal and external at the same time..ouch…if you have not had it try it..it will win you over every time. With me? It can vary with the mood. What’s between my thighs..maybe be you’ll be looking and will some time see or feel the size.

So where to start? How to keep things from falling apart? Let me here from you, what is the spot for that makes it hot for you.

So the body part of the day..what do you say? You can also say what you like about any part. Or you can post a pic of yours..

Hey..I was trying to play on cam to day..but apprent no body wants to watch me on im and stay..oh well..lol

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