Who U look like....HEY MICHIGAN  

sweetlovethe9 40M
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8/17/2006 2:36 am
Who U look like....HEY MICHIGAN

The place for today is Michigan Do people tell you all the time that you look like somebody? There are a few people out there that supposedly look like me or "favor me" I actually have a coach in Florida that looks like me, two or three guys in the military and some older guy who likes to party in Mexico a lot..go figure..lol

Who's my look alike for today..someone who is pretty much surrogate family in many ways..

Part of the long story that is part to unravel this week..starting with "Fight Terrorism" Sept 11th story and what happened to super girl.

Why I mention "15 mins" of fame that is and why I don't show my face on here constantly..(curious..stay tuned!)

But anyway..Johnathan or "Chico" and I look like siblings and a lot a like..but not related..people think my blood relative that is always with them and I are really all kin....

nope..Also, if he is traveling..if you go to the hotel where he is and use the name Jonathan to get it...Uh..don't tell them who told you..ssssssssssshhh


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