Which body part do you like to touch or rub?  

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8/6/2006 3:28 am

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Which body part do you like to touch or rub?

Body part of the Day for Tuesday 8/2

Chest and Abs. This has been a crazy week with travel and all so I am posting all of this after writing it off line. So tell me which of the two body parts you find more attractive. Granted many men like breast/chest. To me I like them all shapes and sizes and have pretty much been around most sizes out there. I’ve heard someone once say a champagne glass for a woman is enough. In all honestly, even an A can’t hardly fit in a champagne glass which means that any size is good. People, (both men and women) seem to focus on these two areas way to much.. (The stomach and chest) Heck, my chest won’t fit in a champagne glass.

You can check out my chest on my profile, or my blog called "super...super hot..super sex". You can also see my abs on this post. That is one thing I don’t like about them..they can be hard and cut..but don’t seem like it with certain cameras or angles. Go figure. But in all honestly, personally, there is more to people than the size of their chest and or abs. Not to mention if they are scared, or bruised some how. Get over people..stop treating people like crap and making them paranoid. You may be perfect now but nothing physically last for ever.

So the body part of the day..what do you say? You can also say what you like to do with either body part. Or you can post a pic of yours..

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