Wanna squirt you big flirt?  

sweetlovethe9 40M
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8/25/2006 2:21 am
Wanna squirt you big flirt?

Okay so I've been M.I.A. for a little while. Not really sure why I have been so flipping sleepy lately. Probably just work getting on my nerves.

Hope you had a good "toy Thursday" and you ever got to play with a toy, some toys, or maybe your boy(man) toy..their ladies.

Life is funny, you may recall how I Stop talking to a friend name "e" a while ago because shooting to early (mouth nothing sexual with her)..

Anyway.. it seems like this week has been a week were I have heard from people I have not heard from in awhile and/or people I had stopped talking to. While the people I had been talking to..we aren't talking..lol Did anyone have a week like that.

Well with "E". I ran into her at work..she was holding my for a min while she was on the phone. She was talking about how we need to go hang out and talk. Said I looked good today, etc.

Don't know what it was today..but uh..lol
The thoughts of one blog I read where one girl fucked another on the bar (Telling everyone to get out) and another friend on her saying she was at a par with her man and said (I want to fuck now) and running to find a hotel come to mind now thinking back..

But anyway..ladies and gents.. if there had been no one around us.. I am not sure what the hell was going on ..but I think I would have been smacking that butt, and sexing that curly haird having brunette all over her desk and every dawm one on that floor...lol

then again..I am sure there probably when have been few people to jump in (She is bi)

Funny thing is..that feeling lasted for a moment. I forgot about it (Work drama) now I am reminded of it again..Now keep in mind this girl have not done aaaaaaaaaaanything..but is there a little tension..oh yeah..f the boring conversation..one of these days it may be time for some a little sexual sensation..

stay tuned of for the question of the day for Thursday..


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