French, english, Hawaiian, German, Spanish or Italian...cum for some fun..and don't bring a  

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8/3/2006 1:53 am
French, english, Hawaiian, German, Spanish or Italian...cum for some fun..and don't bring a

Bonjour….Good morning.. Aloha.. Gutenmorgen… Buena maƱana.. Buona mattina

Whatever language you speak, and where ever you may be. Hope you are having a gggggggreat morning and an even more awesome day. Life is to short not to! For all you non morning people..hit the snooze = ).

A quick what’s up, to everyone out there in Alabama, Georgia and the surrounding.. areas.. I have a lot of family and friends in both states that I don’t get to see that much. Here is a crazy story that took place in north Florida and in Alabama/ Georgia.

For Tuesday on Now to the adventures of RRRRRRRRRRRRREEBOUND MAN...

Ah snap..Ah wish, you wish you could take it back..

At First sight..

Ironically, in today’s society there is often times more of a “lust at first sight” then love at first sight thing going around. Several years ago after college I was invited to some “pyramid” type thing in North Florida. I was bored at the time so I figured why not and went with them around GA for a few days. While there, I was bored out of my mind and did not want to do any of that mess. A few weeks later I was dragged to a meeting where I lived in Florida at the time. I ran into a very pretty lady who was a little older than me. It was apparent that she was interested in me and not “business” We agreed to meet up later on and eat and go dancing. First we danced, then we walked down the beach together..then we kissed. Have you ever had so much foreplay and kissing with your clothes on that you almost kill each other trying to get your close off? Well that was us the next day at my apartment. 1 times, 2 times, 3times and then once more. At that point we were both wondering what the future had in store. We agreed to maybe try the long distance thing and see each other on weekends, etc. We remembered our “meeting” and changed to go back. Of course we acted like we did not know each other and nothing had occurred between us.

I was given 3 numbers to call her on. One up stairs, one down stairs in house and her work #. She left me a message that Monday morning..saying she had fun and missed me. I called back and said the same. She had said before how she like I sent her some. Lol.. big mistake. I found out the hard way that she lived with someone but was having problems with them. I had planned on going to Alabama to visit her and have some fun..but to my dismay..he planned on meeting me with a shot gun. Fun with gun..uh..I’ll have non. It melts in your mouth..not in your hand..but man. Make sure when you all meet someone out or at a bar…that you really do a dtr (define the relationship) because both men and women can be sneaky and you could end up the wrong kind of streaky. (bloody in stead of sweaty). She wished she could take it all back..and that’s a fact jack.

I thought I was stuck in a movie called "skin deep" for a moment. (old school with John Ritter in's funny check it out. two guys fitting with glow in the dark condemns on because they are trying to be with the same girl..that is funny!)

Nothing like not knowing you are the other man or the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeebound man..

Till next time..keep smiling..

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