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7/25/2006 8:33 pm

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Massage Clinic

I use to own a little massage clinic down in Houston when I first got my license to be a massage therapist. Down off the lower end of Richmond Ave. We did sports massages and therapy work for a few doctors. I had 4 therapists in the group and we did a pretty good amount of work. But Tuesday is slow so no one comes in except by appointment. I was in doing the books when a call came in late in the afternoon for a massage. A new costumer wanted a massage that late afternoon. Although I am usually pretty busy all the time and I don't do anyone on Tuesday it is my day to rest and do the books. It was really to late to call anyone in so I asked the lady if she could wait tell tomorrow where I could call someone in to give her a massage. She asked me if I was a therapist and I told her yes. So she wanted to know if I was too busy to give her one. I told her no but it was getting late and I was just finishing up my books and was getting ready to leave. She ask me if I could refer her to another clinic. Well we can always use new costumers and I don't like to refer anyone to someone else's clinic. I told her no and asked her how long it would take for her to get to my place. She said about 20 min. Well I would be finished with my books around then and to just go ahead and come in and I would give her a massage. I finished up the books and started setting up for a massage and I her someone at the front of the clinic. So I go up front and there is this short woman who was build very well and I ask if she were Donna. She said yes and I told her who I was and that I was who she talk to on the phone. I told her to come on back and that I just was finishing up setting up for her massage. She came in the room and we talked while I finished and she fills out the paper work that is required by all costumers. Then I told her to please get undressed and lay down under the sheet and I would be back in a few mins. I waited about five minutes and knock on the door and she said she was ready. So I started my routine with one of her feet first and up the calf to her thigh. Her skin was very soft but her body was very tight. She looked to be about 35 or 36. When I started working on one of her ass cheeks I just went into a little trance of giving her a massage. Went to the other side and started up her other leg and as she started to loosen up I started really liking giving her a massage. I was rubbing soft then deep into her mussels and a warm feeling came over me and I started dreaming about massaging her to orgasm. My hands never leave a persons body when I give a massage so I was making sure that I kept a warm grip on her as I moved up her leg to her ass cheek. Making sure to keep my hands warm and moist with oil. I covered has legs and ass and started to rub on her back with her arms at her side she moved her hand and hit my cock with it that was starting to get hard from the thoughts I was having about this woman. I moved back being startled and embarrassed at her touch. I told her I was sorry but she said that it was all right and just moved her hand back up on the table and I continued to give her a massage. With her answer I really got into working on her back with deep movements into her body and slow strokes from side to side. I moved up to in front of her head and was starting to do her shoulder and neck when she looked up at my crouch and said that looks good. I just smiled and laughed a little and continued to work on her as she lowered her head back down. But know I was really getting turn on working on her. I asked he to turn over were I could work on the front of her body and she laughed and said I hope you do. I started at her feet again and as I was working up one of her legs she began to spread them open. I could see her nipples starting to rise up under the sheet. She then let out a soft moan and pulled her arms out from under the sheet and put hem down pulling the sheet tighter to her body and you could see that her nipples were really starting to swell. I continued up her leg to about a few inches from her pussy when she slowly moved her legs together and holding my hand between them. I pushed deep into her leg and slide my hand out and her opens her legs back up wider. The sheet moved apart when she opened her legs and I could see this fine looking pussy that was shaved into a little arrow towards her clint. With a nice little clint that was starting to stick out just a little bit. I almost lost it there but managed to pull the cover back over her pussy and continue to do the other leg. As I went up her leg she opened them a little further apart again to were her pussy was showing again. Her nipples were now sticking up hard and you could see moisture on her pussy lips. This time I went a little closer to her pussy then I usually do and she closed her legs on my hand again and squeezed it tighter. So I slowly went up her leg to her hip and then over to just above her mound. Pressing gently and rubbing slowly above it and then down closer to her clint. You could she her arch her back up and slowly lower it, as my hands got closer to her clint. Then I moved my hands up her sides and stomach to just below her breast were I usually stop. My mind went crazy and I slide my hand up between her breasts and started to massage her between her breast and then over the top of them to her hard nipples. Firmly caressing them and then up to her shoulders. She starts to moan and reaches up to my hips and pulls my shorts down and rubs on my cock. I move my hands up to her neck and hold her as I lean over and kiss her. My hands move back down to her breast and I rub them firmly with my hands. pressing my fingers around her nipples and start to kiss down her neck. She moves up on the table and lowers her head down to take my cock and kiss and lick on the head. My lips go to her breast and suck and lick from the sides up to her nipples. My hands are holding them tight as I suck her nipple into my mouth and rub my tongue over it as I suck up into my mouth. She moves her mouth slowly down my shaft and starts to suck and lick on it. My hands move down her stomach and back up her sides and them back down again to just above her clint as she spreads her legs for me to touch her clint. I slowly move over her clint and down between her legs with my hands and back up touching her pussy lips softly and up to expose her clint. She takes her hand and gently rubs it up and down on my cock as she suck the head in and out of her mouth. My finger start to rub back and forth on her clint as my other hand move over the out side of her pussy and down the inside of her legs spreading them a little farther apart. She starts to take my cock in her mouth father down the shaft and increase the speed that she is sucking me down. I move my hand back up to her pussy and slide a finger into her and start to move it from side to side and in and out with the speed she is sucking me. I am still sucking on her nipples as my other hand is massaging her clint. I move my face down her stomach kissing her all the way down to her clint as I place my tongue on her and start to lick her clint and suck it in my mouth. When I suck her clint into my mouth she takes all of my cock that she can down her throat and sucks it hard all the way back up. I spread her pussy more and place another finger into o her and start to move them in and out of her. I can feel my cock getting harder and starting to throb, as her clint gets hard in my mouth as I suck it up and flick my tongue over it. My hands moved away and under and around her as I lifted her off the table. She placed one of her hand on my leg to were she could continue to rub my cock and suck on it. I could feel her hard breast being pushed up against me as she sucked my cock in and out of her mouth. Her legs went over my shoulders and she placed them tight up against my back and pulled me closer to her. One arm staid around her back and the other hand went up to her ass to rub and squeeze it as my tongue went down her clint and into her pussy. I liked her juices as she sucked on my cock till I was ready to explode. Her pussy was flowing with juice as I laid her back down on the table and moved my tongue back up to her clint and sucked it up in my mouth again. As I rub her clint with my tongue I could feel it get harder and juice started to flow out of her. I move my lips back up her stomach kissing her all the way up to her breast. She continued to suck on my cock and started to rub on my balls and squeezing them gently.I move my cock out of her mouth and started to suck on her nipples as I move her head back up onto the table. I turned around and started to kiss her as her legs spread open for my body to slide between. She rapped her legs around me and reached down and started to rub my cock on her clint and her pussy lips. I kissed her heck and shoulders and move down and started kissing her breast all over. I could feel the wet juice of her pussy warm all over the head of my cock as see moved it up to enter her pussy. She pulled her legs tight around me and my cock slid into her. I could feel the soft warm walls off her pussy surrounding my cock as is went deep into her. She spread her legs and reached down and placed her hands on my ass then pulled me all the way into her then squeezed my ass to make me go forward even more. I could feel her clint being push up to the end of my cock and onto my body as my balls reached her ass. Her clint was so hard and her pussy so soft and hot with juice the head of my cock wanted to explode. I started to pull my ass away from her and could feel her pussy trying to suck it back in. As the lips of her pussy softly road down my cock I could still feel her clint riding down the top of my cock like a hot knife sliding through butter, so smooth but hard and hot. I rose up off of her and rubbed her sides, stomach and breast with one hand and held myself up with the other. As my cock got to the top of her pussy I trust it back into her and held it there as I wiggle as deep into her as I could get. She moaned loudly as I pulled back out and trusts forward again. As I started to increase the motions her place her hands on her legs and started to run her hands down them and spread them open as far as she could. I moved my hands below her legs and held myself off her as I started to shove my cock in and out of her faster. My balls were slapping her ass and my body was pushing against her clint, as it grew even tighter. Her pussy juice started to pour out of her and my cock was so hard and throbbing in her. I could feel the head of my cock wanting to just exploded inside of her as her pussy sucked me up so softly into her. She grabbed hold of me and pulled me close and kissed me as her legs went around and her feet pushed into my ass helping me with the heated rhythm of my strokes. Pushing harder each time. I could no longer take it. My cock was buried as deep as I could get it as I exploded into her. As the heat of my cum covered her walls her feet dug into my ass and she let out a moan and pushed her fingernails into my back to make me push harder into her as she poured cum out onto my cock. She held me tight as I kissed her and held my cock inside her as deep as I could. I could feel all the heat from are bodies right inside of her pussy on my cock. We slowly started to loosen up and I stood beside her and began to rub her body softly and massage her shoulders and neck. She covered with the sheet and I continued to rub on her shoulders and neck till she fell asleep. I went to the front of the office and waited for her to come out. She said that was one of the best massages she ever had. How much do I owe you? I said you have to be kidding. There is no charge for that. Then she said yes there is. I want your license. I am with the board of massage therapist out of Austin and you violated the law of practice. It will be suspended tell there is a review by the board. My eyes popped open and I jumped out of bed.
Damn it was just a dream.


rm_ladylookin06 65F

7/25/2006 10:16 pm

I think your business deserved a "SERVICE OF MERIT AWARD" if it been for real. lol


Mandy19704 46F

7/26/2006 9:39 am

Wondering how to get one of those massage damn I live so far away...

Great job Ghawk...


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