Favorite swimming hole  

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7/23/2006 7:48 pm

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Favorite swimming hole

Just riding along in my truck lessoning to a little Bob Sieger. Headed out to my favorite swimming hole to do a little swimming on this hot July day. It's a 104 in the shade and I nice cool pond with a small waterfall is just the place to be. As Turn The Page ends on the CD I pull up to the short little dirt road back to the pond. Drive back down the road about a mile and there it is the nicest little swimming hole around for miles. Never anyone there because it is on my property and you can't just get there with me not knowing unless you come by horse back.

I pull in and strip down to nothing and head to the water. Boy you hit the water and it sends shivers down your body from the cooled. I pop-up from under the water and it feels so good. It is clean and you can see the bottom.

I start to swim over to the falls and I see something move from behind it. As I get closer I can see the shape of a person. I keep swimming closer and call out who is there. This is private property no one is aloud on here without my permission.

Then this beautiful woman in a nice red bikini comes through the falls and says I am sorry but I came here on horse back every now and then to swim when I visit my aunt and uncle. I do apologize for not asking you. But I can't answer as I am still looking at this amazing looking woman. Long brown hair nice firm breast and a tan body to die for. I shake my head and pull my eyes back into socket and ask where she is from. At that moment as I am swimming closer I remember I have nothing on. As I stop in the water she can look down and see that I have nothing on. Not much I can do about it now as I am treading water to stay up. She dives into the water and comes up about four feet in front of me and said Virginia. Who is your aunt and uncle? Bob and Billye from the other side of the hill. They are friends of mine and they never told me about you. She said I am sorry but they told me they were going to call you and tell you that I was coming over to swim. I guess I missed their call. Well since you are here you might as well stay and enjoy the water. But there is one rule here. You can't ware anything in this pond. She smiles and reaches around to her back and unties her top and pulls it off. I am now looking at these nice firm breasts with a small tan line just over her nipples. She ducks under the water and come back up with her bottoms in hand. Then turns and throws them over to the side by the falls. She turns back around and smiles and said I do like to follow the rules.

As we swim and chat for a while to get to know each other I still can't believe I am swimming with this woman that could be on the cover of any magazine. We swim over to the falls and get out under the falls and I can wait no longer. I reach out and pull her to me and kiss her as she her arms around me. I can feel her firm breast on my chest and how warm her body is. My cock starts to rise up between us and she moves her body back and forth to rub it up harder between us. I move her back to the wall of the waterfalls and continue to kiss her. I move my hands down her shoulders and her head rises as I kiss down her neck. My hands move down to her breast and I can feel how hard they are getting as I rub my hands over them. she moves her hands up to my shoulders and pushes me down where my lips are kissing her breast and nipples. She raises her leg and rubs on my cock as I am sucking and flicking my tongue over her nipples. I run my hands down her sides and to her thighs and squeeze them as I pull her closer to me. She moves her hands to my head and pulls it down between her breasts and moves it back and forth between them. I move my leg closer to her and spread her legs and place my leg between them. Rubbing my hand back to her ass and then lift her up and down on my leg as she keeps moving my head back and forth between her breast. She then lifts my head and kisses me as I lift her up and slid her down onto my cock. I can feel her warm pussy sliding over my cock and her hard breast up against me. She her legs around me and my cock slide all the way into her. I move us into the falls as I lift her up and down on my cock and she leans back and the waterfalls between us. Her nipples are so hard and tight sticking strait out and up. I lean my head down and take one of them in my mouth and she jumps with pleasure. I keep raising her up and down on my cock as it starts to grow harder inside her hot warm pussy. I can feel the side and lips of her pussy sucking me into her as her clint slide up and down on my cock. My cock starts to throbs inside her as I can feel her hot juice flowing down my cock. All I could think of was her warm body next to mine and the water splashing on are heads and body. My cock sliding in and out of her as she pushes down on it. I started to feel the head of my cock grew and throbbed with the excitement of my cock exploding into with hot cum inside of her. With her hot soft wet pussy walls sucking every inch of me into her I could feel her hard clint sliding on my cock and the shake of her body as she moved her head back . She was know quivering as she let out a moan ending very deep in her throat. I could feel her cum exploded onto me as my cock blew cum from out the head berried deep into her. I could feel the heat from my cum blowing all around inside of her and her cum mixed with it and poured out her pussy. With the water washing it into the pond she grabbed me tight and began to pump fast and hard onto my cock as I could feel her cum on my cock again. I slowly move us to the wall of the falls again as I feel her legs lower down my body I start to lower her down slowly as I feel my cock start to come out of her and feel her hard clint rub on the top of it. As I came out of her, her feet touched the ground. We healed each other tight for a moment or two and then jumped into the water. I came up and she was swimming towards her suite. She raised herself out of the water and said I have to go. I don't even know your name how can I get in touch with you. As she was leaving she turned and said. Mandy

I called my friends Bob and Billye to see if she was there. But they told me they didn't even know a Mandy and their niece has not been there in years..

I never saw her again. But it is now 20 years later my kids are grown and off to college. I still go out to the pond and sit and look at the falls dream of the day I spent with the most beautiful woman I ever meet in my life. Spent that one afternoon lusting for each other with the greatest sex I have ever had. Damn I think I will go for a swim.

The dumb ass is done now.


Mandy19704 46F

7/24/2006 5:47 am

All I can say is WOW ...

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