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8/3/2006 7:29 pm

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Are second meeting

If you read the first meeting then you will know that I am in love with this woman of my dreams.

We had made plans to meet at her house in the earlier afternoon. I got up from my hotel room about 10 and took a shower and get ready to go out and fine a stuff animal just because. Just wanted to give her one. Found a funny looking monkey to give her. Bought a water balloon slingshot also.

It was getting to be about 12:30 and I was to be there around 1:00 so I jumped into a cab and headed her way. When I got to her house she meet me at the door. She was more beautiful to me then the night before. She has light brown a nice golden tan and every curve I dreamed of. She was wearing a light blue tub top with a nice set of 36 D hard breast sticking straight out at me and a tight pair of shorts that fit right around that nice round ass of hers.

She kisses me at the door and invited me in. I gave her the monkey and she smiled and kissed me again.

Then trough it on the couch and said I have someone I want you to meet. She said this is my son. I said hello and handed him the water balloon sling shot and a big smile came across his face. He said thank you and hello then asked his mother if he could go and show it to his friend. She said yes and takes a towel I am sure you will need one. I kind of figured the balloon sling shot would go over better ten the monkey. So he took off and she told me he was staying over at his friend’s house for the night. I kind of smiled a little grin and she smiled and said come here and see what I made for us. We went out to the patio and she had a nice table set up with the flowers that I had given her the night before. She had made fried chicken, potatoes, chicken and dumplings pot of red beans and corn bread. "Not" just kidding. She had made a nice chef salad and a lager bowl of fruit. The patio had two trellises with big leaf ivies on them and smaller ivies running along the window with pots of flower wrapped up and entwined in the ivy. A small pool was just off the patio with a small water fountain at one in. It was a beautiful place to have lunch with her. We sat down to eat but today food was not on are minds. We were talking and feeding each other when she asked if I wanted to go for a swim. Bye the time she finished asking me she had already stood up and was taking her tub top off and was headed for the pool. I did say anything as I started top take my shoes off she was down to nothing and was jumping in the water. I pulled my shirt and pants off and headed for the pool. She stopped me and said didn't you forget something. I was looking around when she said don’t you still have something on. I grinned and pulled my underwear off and jumped in the pool. When we got to each other she slid her leg up my crotch and my cock started to rise. She smiled and said I can tell the pictures you sent me were of you. I then kissed her and held her tight. As her body moved closer to mind I told her that I can tell your pictures were of you also. We smiled and kissed each other again. She rapped her legs around me and I kissed her neck as we slowly spun around and the water moving between us I could see her nipples rise. She was so beautiful I wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't a dream. Here I am 53 years old and in love with a 37-year-old woman who is in love with me also. At this point I did care that she was smart and could talk about anything. All I could think about was how beautiful she was. I held her and softly kissed her again as I could feel her breast and hard nipples up against my chest. My cock was growing between her legs and I could feel her squeeze it between them as she pushed up against me. You don’t even think anymore about what to do as you just move with each other caressing each other and touching each other in just the right places her hands and yours move over each other’s body feeling ever part of each other. We continue to kiss each and could feel are bodies getting warm from each other’s touch.

I lift her up and into my arms and went to her room and lay us both down onto her bed. We are both still wet but we never let each other go. Holding on to her I rub my hands over her shoulders to her breast and slowly and softly touching and caressing them. We kiss again as my hand runs between her firm breast and over her nipples. She is rubbing my shoulder and down my side with one hand and holding my head with the other. I move closer to her as her hand goes down to my ass and pulls me tight to her. It sends shivers up and down my body as her fingers and nails slid down from my ass to glide along my cock and balls very softly. As my cock jumps I squeeze her nipple and kiss her neck as her body arches. She rolled me over and placed herself on top of me. She began to kiss down my neck and chest as she moved her hands down my sides. I move my hands along her arms and up to her shoulders as she moves down and kisses my cock. I can feel her hands move around my shaft as she starts to suck my cock down into her mouth. My ass tightens and she moves down my cock and feels her soft lips along the shaft as her tongue and mouth sucks down on me. I feel my cock throb up as she squeezes my ball with her other hand. She begins to slide her mouth up and down on my cock as her hand goes up and down my cock also. Stopping at the head of my cock and sucking it as tight as she can. My hands run through her hair and hold her softly as she continues to suck on my cock. Her hands move up my body to my chest as she takes as much of my cock into her mouth as she can. Then sliding up it and moving up am placing her soft wet pussy lips right over my cock.

Then I woke up, it was only a dream.

Just like on here.

Dumb ass is done again.


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