what a great fuck!  

sweetchocolat52 43F
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4/2/2006 10:51 pm

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4/8/2006 2:01 am

what a great fuck!

I met this guy one day coming from an appointment and I guess I must have been giving off that I'm in heat scent or something, but we started to talk and by the time my stop came he was coming with me,I just dont go around picking up guys but this day he was going to get fucked good, we walked and talked and my pussy was just throbbing by the time we got to my place we barely got through the door, once in my apartment I got him against the wall and basically ripped his pants down and got the best surprise ever! his dick was massive I began to lick it mmmmm, and then slowly slid my lips down on him and began sucking him it didnt take much to get him harder he was half way there,I thought I would gag on it but I guess I was hornier than usual and suck him like it was my last time he was moaning so loudly it made me even hotter so I did it faster and faster he was saying something else but I couldnt hear him because I started to cum from sucking that big ass dick, by the time I realise what he was saying it was too late he was cumming in my mouth mmmmmmmmm, he was so sweet I swallowed every drop!! and he still wasnt finished, we moved to the front room and stripped down and he spreaded my legs and began to play with my pussy by this time my clit had got swoolen and hard, I didnt tell him just how big my clit was I love that surprise look on a mans face when he sees it for the first time. He began to lick it then started to suck it he called it his little dick now its not that big but it does make wanna suck it right away, he was so good at eating pussy I came back to back I was thinking no one has ever done this before with their tongue and I was still hot, he turned me over and began fucking doggie style it was great I didnt think it would all fit but he started out slow and by the third orgasm I screaming fuck me harder we were so into it and my pussy so wet I realise he had two fingers in my ass now that was good, even though I dont like it when a man does that I didnt complain at all, he then ask me have I ever did anal and of course I have but not with a man his size, well all I can say is he is a master of ass fucking!!! most men dont understand how fragile a womans ass is but he sure did, he started slowly then once the head was in I relaxed some and it was wonderful I was screaming smack my ass as he did my ass muscles loosened up some more he was fucking my ass with long powerful strokes and smacking in a rythmn I began to cum and screaming at the same time faster and faster he took forever to cum but when he did I was on cloud nine it was so hot and felt so good we did 2 more times that day, I didnt keep in touch with him but if I ever see him again we will be fucking like that again.

KMA5 40M
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4/2/2006 11:36 pm

**note to self** take down your phone number next time

love2_makeUcum 45M

4/6/2006 5:02 am

Great story. I like a good story that talks about good anal. Sounds like that was a fun time. Hope you have many more.

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