do me wrong twice... Shame on me  

sweetbread99 30F
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4/30/2005 12:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

do me wrong twice... Shame on me

ok, I'm going out of order because it's very relevant to talk about the expirence I had last night.
Out of nowhere Josh (Jsowet) Imed me totally out of the blue. I deleted his name off my friends list, so this was a shock. He apologized for what he did the last time we were together (he apologized for totally using and abusing me) So, of course I was hesitant at first, skeptical and mean, slightly mean. I can never be mean for a long time, it isn't my personality.
So I figure ok I forgive him, to begin wiht I really liked him in the first place. And I figured he wouldn't do what he did to me the first time, he wouldn't do it again, because that would be too cruel.
So he drives to pick me up and we leave. We start talking and I'm having fun...then he asks me to suck him off in the car. (Its what I did last time) My heart sunk, because I knew this night wasn't going to be good .
I say no and I dont. We get to his place and he turns on the t.v. I'm very pleasent and nice and being extremely sentual and worrying about his feelings. I suck his dick because he asks me too and he cums in my mouth. Then he starts to finger me. From there we start fucking.
Ok when we're done I have to pee, he has roommates so I put on my clothes to walk out. When I come back from the bathroom he's fully dressed and turning off the t.v. My heart drops to the floor and I know he wants to take me home.
I dont say anything and I follow him as we go down to the kitchen, he gets me a glass of water and we go into his car.
I dont talk to him, because if I open my mouth I know I'll start to cry. So I ignore him and I call my friends on the phone trying to get my mind off of what just happened. A SECOND TIME! Christ Bliss, that's twice, you dumb ass. I ask to change the music, he's irritated and bats my hand away from his sterio system. Thinking he's trying to be playful I try again. Then he cusses me out. No one has ever cursed at me seriously in my life.
Then I see he's hurting and I put everything behind me and I start to comfort him, trying to make myself forget what just happened, a second time. I cuddle and make him feel better.
He drops me off and I go, to go cry somewhere where no one can see me. I'm such a fool, a second time. I never should have listened to him. Damn yourself Bliss you never learn. I'm such a fool...and if he were to call and ask me to see him again, I know I would go...Damn myself and my stupid foolish heart. I dont know what to do. I hope he never asks me to see him again. I'm so crushed, utterly and totally.

redswallow777 48M
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4/30/2005 5:32 pm

Sweetbread...take the clue....this guy is not worthy of your time or attention. Move on, there are men out here that will give you the respect your deserve!

Double_duece69 37M

5/1/2005 4:21 pm

Yes you really do need to move on. Someone like him will never change and will only call just so he can get some. If you keep going he's going to know he do what ever he wants. I hope you find some worthy of your time. You are very beautiful girl and I lived closer so I could show you the respect and admiration that you deserve!!

rm_xesential 32M

5/1/2005 9:03 pm

save yourself the pain and block him from IMing you again. You're too sweet to waste your time on someone who is just going to use you.

topsit 35M
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5/3/2005 1:10 am

Guys dont change the only thing he will come back for is to fuck and if thats what you want then cool but if you want more then stop fooling yourself and look else were your a good looking girl you will find someone much better.

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