The Bank Robber  

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The Bank Robber

He was an extremely smart and dangerous man, wanted by the feds for a string of strong-armed bank robberies in Los Angeles and Chicago, but he was always way ahead of them. He moved around a lot and never stayed in one place for very long, and he never got too close anyone outside of his crew. He never even stayed with any one woman for more than one night. Instead, he would just pick up prostitutes, a few waitresses here and there, or some lonely broad in a bar. They were easy to take advantage of, and they were also just as easy to let go of and that's the way he wanted it. He had no intentions of sticking around in one place too long, so he would never get caught.

That is when we met.

I was working a second job in a Chicago bar and tavern and he had been sitting at the bar and looking at me with his dark handsome eyes and looks. We were talking on and off throughout the evening. As the night progressed, I knew by the way he looked at me that he was interested in me and I thought he was very handsome, mysterious and charismatic. He was definately not at all like the regulars. He was a gentleman. He was also drop dead gorgeous. He offered to buy me a drink and was very seductive in his approach.

He asked me to meet him at his hotel room after work, and I accepted his offer. I was so distracted as I was driving, I hardly heard the news on the radio about the bank robbery downtown. I didn't care. I was caught up in the excitement of meeting him tonight. I pulled into the motel and looked for his room number, written on a matchbook cover. I thought about how he was looking right into my eyes (and straight into my soul) when he slipped it in my hands earlier that night.

When I knocked, he opened the door and the room was dark, I couldnt see him at all. He took my hand as he led me into the room and closed the door. I heard the lock click. In a raspy voice he said, "Take off all of your clothes for me." I did as I was instructed and he came up behind me and put his arms around me. My eyes had not yet adjusted to the darkness. I couldn't see him at all, but I could feel him grabbing and squeezing my tits from behind, and then he began running one hand down my belly and straight down and in between my legs, while he was still sqeezing my breast hard with the other hand. I moaned and leaned back into him. He turned and held my head and kissed me, as he squeezed and groped my wet pussy, making the cum run down my legs.

He turned me around and his breathing became faster and heavier and he put my hand on his cock and slowly stroked it with my hand. He was groaning and growling like a beast that was about to pounce. Then he let go of my hand and moved both of his hands upon my shoulders, caressing and pushing me, as he guided me down on my knees in front of him.

He asked me to spread my legs open wide and take his cock in my mouth. I opened my legs for him and took him in my mouth and I literally gasped when I realized how big it was. He had my long hair by the handfuls and held me tight, as he began pumping his swollen cock deep in my mouth, slowly at first, but building up faster, I could not hide my excitement. I wanted this and I couldn't stop myself, even if I tried.

He began fucking my throat really hard. My eyes started to tear. I wimpered as I tried to pull away from him, just enough to catch my breath, but he held me down on him even tighter and pumped his cock even faster down my throat. I found myself getting really turned on by this roughneck. I relaxed my body and gave into his control. "Thats a good girl' he said, very pleased that I had given myself so completely. 'Suck it nice for me. You are so beautiful, such a pretty little girl. I want to know what you feel like, pretty baby, I'm going to fuck you so hard. Come here and give me that little cunt right now!"

I gasped, catching my breath again and caught up in the raw, physical pleasure as he threw me on the bed. His cock entered me, so deep inside my tight pussy and thrusting me so hard I screamed and moaned. My helpless cries excited him and he just kept fucking me harder and harder. He liked it rough and I thouroughly loved being fucked the hardest I had ever been fucked in my entire life. He just kept going, fucking me furiously until I could not control my body any longer and my pussy just exploded all over his massive cock.

He didn't stop, he just kept fucking me hard as I was swept up in the waves of orgasm until he too, came hard and very fast, pumping my swollen and throbbing pussy full of his cum. I could feel the hot loads of cum pulsing inside of me, filling me deep inside. Soon he relaxed and laid down on top of me. I kissed his sweaty brow and held him inside me, unwilling and unable to move.

Just then I had heard a siren in the distance and out of nowhere, I remembered the news bulletin, and I realized that this was the man they were looking for. I said, "You.. You're that guy they were talking about on the radio, aren't you?" and realized too late I should not have said that.

He put his arms around me and spoke carefully into my ear in a deep, strong and sexy voice, "You are so lovely, so different. I don't know what it is about you exactly, but I'm dying to find that out. I can't stay here, but I cannot just let you walk out of here either, now that you know who I am. We're leaving right now and you're coming with me, Honey!" I was afraid for a moment that he intended to harm me, but he reasurred me that he was simply going to take me to his hideout and that nothing bad would happen to me, and he meant it.

There was no time to respond. I clearly was not given a choice either way. The sirens were getting closer and headed for the motel. The night clerk made him after watching the video on the late news and had tipped off the police to his whereabouts. We quickly dressed and went to my car. He had a loaded 45 automatic in his waistband. It was very intense. He put me inside the car and we drove for hours to a remote cabin. This was his hideout and I became his willing captive.

To be continued, with "The Hideout"

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10/31/2005 11:46 pm

Is this an original story by you sweetazhoney? You're really a great writer if it is. Looking forward to the next installment....

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