Tomorrow's Promise  

sweetalyssum 47F
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10/10/2005 10:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Tomorrow's Promise

The day wound me up so tightly, the knots in my back have settled in that unreachable spot between my shoulders blades. Even when I found laughter today, it held an edge that I cannot stand.

And so I remember a technique of visualization that parents taught me at some time while I was growing up. I'll be using that tonight while lying in bed.

Starting at my toes, ankles, calves, moving up to control my breathing in a steady rhythmical way. Concentrating on relaxing facial muscles, loosening the jawline, and not thinking about details, schedules, worries, and wants.

Accepting that this too shall pass. That tomorrow the day will dawn, I will find a pair of faded worn jeans, a pair of high heeled boots, and some snug sweater. Tomorrow I will find a way to play, to let the sun add another freckle to glow on my skin, like the mysticism of an angel's kiss.

Tomorrow, the energy I need will be there. Tomorrow, the edginess will be gone because sleep will have renewed me, washed my mind again, and given me fresh perspective.

Tomorrow, I will laugh, make others laugh, others wistful, and I will glow because I choose to.

Goodnight all...

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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10/11/2005 5:18 am

Funny thing about those knots....And, it does pass.....Ahhhh....sleep. There is always tomorrow


gemini0157 59M  
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10/11/2005 9:30 am

My Mother used to say almost the same thing to me as a boy..... Imagine your feet floating in air.. now your ankles are weightless....etc all the way up.. Didn't work!
I was such a hyeractive child. still am!..

You have a great attitude!

sweetalyssum 47F

10/11/2005 7:40 pm

Last night's promise of a good morrow came true today. It was a splendid day!

All the little things that can make or break the day, ticked off in systematic order and allowed me to get out into the sunshine and crisp air.

Cooking tonight provided that warmth of air and fragrance that provides me sustenance far more than the actual food. Gave me patience to smile at the kids, talk about their day, and help give that run through of lines for a part my daughter wants in the school play.

I feel blessed today.

Mag, the knots are gone like they never existed.

Akadafa, thank God the train light is not facing us this instant. LOL...I'm not ready to leave this life yet, even with it's pains in the neck and knots in the shoulders.

Gem...I couldn't ever take a nap as a child unless I was sick. It was only being read stories that could make me stop and drift into another world. And then I could read to myself, and life expanded with richness.

And yes, enjoying life is about attitude I think, without being trite and oversimplyfying things.

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