The Work of Being a Flower  

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10/12/2005 9:03 pm

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The Work of Being a Flower

Everyone sees the glamour of being a flower. Her pretty petals, long stems, seductive fragrance, and they say to themselves, "Oh, I wish, I so wish I could be a flower."

A flower starts off though as an ugly little kernel oftentimes. Hard, dry, like a rotten tooth. It takes vision and hope to take what seems to be so lacking in potential, find a spot that will give proper light, soil conditions, weather for the seed to thrive.

And then the flower must do her own work. She must gather moisture into herself, begin to let it soften her hard outer shell, and to break through. Break free of the boundaries of what she is to what she can become. Pushing through the cold earth to find the warmth of the sun. Stretching and unfurling leaves and allowing the flower to bud.

Finally the sweet fragrance that seduces bees and sends them into tizzies of rapture so that they do their bee dance to inform the other bees of where to find the sweet flower.

Sigh...the flower longs for the cool night and the bees to stop their interminable buzzing of delight. But she waits the new day too, longing for the stroke of bees knees on her petals, on the center of her fragrance. Knowing that she will inspire the bees to produce sweet honey.

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