No Strings...  

sweetalyssum 47F
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1/26/2006 4:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

No Strings...

When I first joined this site, I kept seeing this term.

It usually accompanied an email with the promise of amazing sex and lots of fun.

I didn't get it then. I don't get it now. Shouldn't sex be personal? Shouldn't there be strings of caring and concern for the fulfillment of the other person.

Does no strings mean that we walk away, sated with the physical needs being met and look back with a hole in our heart that it meant nothing more than a light hearted romp.

Does it mean that when I'm pmsing...ya really don't want to know? Does it mean that if my friend has cancer, pneumonia, and that I have wish I'd keep it to myself so that our time together can be kept mess free from an emotional standpoint?

For the strings means no balls. It means you own up to your own shallowness with palatable words that excuse your need to use someone else for your own gratification.

My goodness...that felt good to get off my chest!


I've once heard that writing is a form of mental masturbation.

That begs the I ask you my give me a "no strings attached" relationship? Using this medium as my own gratification?

Well, damn...I think it does.

Feeling a tad uncomfortable...not really.

rm_magnet4u22 49F
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1/26/2006 6:46 pm

I like your form of mental masturbation!!!! Thank you for putting it into words.

To answer your questions... Yes and yes. In my opinion, sex is very personal and there should be strings of caring and concern for the other person. I agree that you can have amazing sex and lots of fun without commiting to a marriage or a long term relationship. But, if it is so much fun, obviously two people are going to do it more than once. Then, feelings, or strings, as they so aptly put it, happen or two people wouldn't keep doing it ... Otherwise, they could go to the AdultFriendFinder Sex Store and get themselves all fixed up with the proper appendages for the gratification.

I also think another reason that they say they want no strings because that is their "no balls" way of not dealing with the fact that they can't or won't deal with any kind of emotional attachment....even if it is friends only.....friends have an emotional attachment.

Well!!!! That was good for me. How about you???? I think we should have another cigarette and a bottle of expensive wine!


rm_mtnravyn 60M
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1/27/2006 4:47 am

This is the challenge of writing. You have to be very emotionally engaged in what you’re doing, or it comes out flat. You can’t fake your way through this. Anonymous

So much for "no strings" blogging. Ditto to mags. This is a recurring dialogue, I believe, and the best sensual pleasures come when there is a connection at many levels. Especially since sensual implies a utilization of all the senses. You cannot engage someone sensually and at depth and not feel. Unless of course youare some sort of cosmic cock or balck hole vagina with either a galactic size ego masking an equally large insecurity about self. Oops got alittle carried away.

sweetalyssum 47F

1/31/2006 6:43 am

Mags...we have a recurring mojito and wine fetish, have you noticed?

Yes, I think I might respond back that way and make suggestions as to appendages they might consider buying in order to have a no strings attached relationship.

Don't ya think?

sweetalyssum 47F

1/31/2006 6:47 am

Yes can't fake it with writing...sometimes you just have to get through it, move past it.

Good alliteration there..."cosmic cock".

redmustang91 57M  
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1/31/2006 8:57 am

No strings is a fantasy, just like an honest non-ambitious politician! More accurately, lighter or fewer strings. The question is how much of a continuing relationship do you want to build with your sex partner. It all depends on your needs, his needs and circumstances...

sweetalyssum 47F

1/31/2006 5:10 pm

Interesting thoughts there Red...a fantasy you say? I guess there are fantasies I don't choose to entertain.

I can understand how people at first will want to advertise that way and present a carefree approach to sex, gets to be a tired approach.

I'll make sure to report on any amusing "no strings" approaches.

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