A cold winters night pt3 (the ending)  

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12/26/2005 2:45 pm

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4/19/2006 12:49 am

A cold winters night pt3 (the ending)

Desire is beginning to over take, as you gentle suck on my pussy lips. I begin moaning in ecstasy and pushing your head down harder as I buck my hips so you can stick your tongue deeper and harder into my pussy. Feeling me tense up as my legs shoot straight out. I groan out as you slip your fingers in me and begin to pump them in me as I begin to cum in your mouth. Your lips sucking my clit and your fingers pounding my pussy make me groan and moan and fight to get away from the pleasure of it all. Holding me fast and hard you hold me thru wave after wave of pure pleasure.

Falling back on to the soft rug, catching my breath trying to regain my composure that I had somewhere lost during this experience. I take a deep breath, and caught it as I seen what the latest activities has done for you again. Strong and ready again, you turn me on to my stomach and pull me up so I am on my knees, and slide your hot cock in to my pussy. Sliding it in with slight ease to the hilt of cock, feeling your balls slide up against my ass I wiggle it in a bit deeper. Mmm.. Yeah baby I whisper. And you slowly glide it out of me again. You begin to tease me with your hard cock. Easing it in an out just enough to enter me and rub your cock around my pussy. Making me want to beg you for mercy from this sweet torture. Finally you have had enough and can no longer contain the urge to shove your cock up me and fuck me deep and hard doggie style. Grabbing my hips for leverage and guidance you pound my pussy with your cock hard and fast the slap of your balls slapping my ass making me want to cum again. I slip my hand down between my legs and begin to rub my clit in small little circles. Your getting close to cumming as I feel you dig harder in to my hips and your pumping it in harder and harder, and I hear Groan in release, pulling your cock from my wet pussy shooting your wad all over my ass. Leanings back your rub it gently over my ass. With a naughty grin and sigh of spent pleasure. You reach back and take my hand to sit me up. I grin a soft grin of pleasure of my own. Already planning another round, and the next adventure.

Cleaning up I kissed my lover good-bye for the night. Slipping on a silky nightgown and robe. I show him the door. Our time together is limited and most often timed. But someday just maybe it wont have to be that way…

Until we meet again I wish you goodnight and Sweet_Dreams

kyplowboy22 61M

12/27/2005 9:14 am

Very nice, sweetheart, you're such a lil hottie! Later


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