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You've been waiting?

I pick up the different articles of clothing and study them. She had brought these outfits with her, yet they were the perfect size for me. The crotchless thong panties fit like a glove as I pull them up and adjust the thin fabric along my sweet crack.

As I struggle with the corset, she enters the room and helps me adjust it before she cinches me into it. My breasts squeeze together forming a near perfect cleavage and my nipples peek out the top, aroused just by the scent of her.

The black thigh highs fit my legs to perfection and there is no need for garters and as I slip into the spiked pumps, I can feel how shapely my ass is.

The last article of clothing is an old fashion maids dress...low cut in the front, barely covering my harden nipples with a little piece of lace and the hem line was low enough that with the attached lace, the tip of my buns are covered and from the front one could almost read my lips.

She catches my hair into a loose braid at the nape of my neck, the braid hanging almost as long as the dress, she attaches a velvet choker to my neck and lacy wraps at my wrists.

"As my indentured servant, you are bound to follow through on my every order, satisfy my every whim," she begins, "you will follow two steps behind me and you will not look me in the eye. If I am not addressing you, or have you busy filling a task I've given you, you are to stand five feet behind me, with your hands at your folded together in front of you.

"You may address me as M'Lady, Mistress or Madame but only when I speak to you first." She turns to leave the room and I follow, two steps behind.

As we leave the main house, we follow a path lit by floating candles. I stop to exam one, to see how it hovers so delicatly. The fishline holding them was near invisible but a brillant idea and I make a mental note. The sharp swat across my ass forces me to make a mental note to not lag behind.

We are not heading to the barn and I want to ask where we are going but I have already disobeyed once and we haven't even made it to our destination. I wonder if I should re-think this idea as I tend to go with the moment and forget rules. The warmth on my backside reminds me and I walk forward, careful to always be just two steps behind her.

The floating candles lead us to an out building. As the siloutte of a silo begins to take shape in the rising moonlight, I assume this building must have once housed the feed. It must have been a large farm at one point, judging by the size of the silo and spotting a second silo behind it, confirms the fact in my mind's eye. The candles lead to the side of the building, toward the silos. She opens a small, square door and gracefully folds her body to step in. I follow her towards an almost blinding light. As I straighten, I notice that the entire silo is glowing with candlelight and has been transformed into a medievil dungeon with racks and shackles hanging from the walls.

The men enter the room from a side hall, both wearing black loin clothes. They hand us each a glass of champagne as they escort her to a raised platform. She sits on what can only be described as a throne. I follow behind her and move to stand behind her. There is not the five feet she commanded but I tottled on the very edge of the furthest corner in hopes of pleasing her. When I am sure I've done the best I could, I raise my glass to my lips and drink the cool bubble...sweet, not dry...the second sip goes down easily and I lower my glass from my lips.

"Can you gentlemen please tell me the number of infractions that have occured since I have entered the room?"
"Four infractions, so far," P pipes up.
"Four?! Are you nuts?" I ask.
"That would be Five now," mystery man added.
"But...what have i done?"
"That would make it six," she said as she turned in her seat to look at me, "nope seven. I suggest you stop looking at me and keep your mouth shut so the count doesn't rise any faster than need be.
"Now, kind sir, would you like to inform this sassy little wench of her violations?" She turns to sit properly upon her throne again as she tilts her head towards P as if encouraging him to begin.
"Well, let's see..." he placed his chin in his raised and and rubbed it deep in thought..."we have three infractions of speaking without being addressed. There's the standing two and a half feet behind you, M'Lady, instead of the required five."
He is enjoying this a tad to much for my liking and I shoot him an evil eye. If he has seen it, while in the midst of his tale, he has not let on.
"There is the drinking without your permission, common sense, my dear, two sips" he says to me as he approaches the platform and lifts his hand to gallantly help me step down from the platform and leads me to the wall behind the platform. Exactly two and a half feet from the edge of the platform, attached to an eye bolt in the stone wall, is a short silver chain. P trails his hand down the links to the end and opens the clasp as he reaches for the loop on my choker. He turns me so my back is against the wall, takes my glass from me and returns to stand in front of the platform.
"While standing too closely behind you, she did not clasp her hands in front of her, she instead stood holding the glass. Did I metion the speaking without being spoken to? Yes, yes I think I did...Oh...oh yes, thinking she was good enough to stand on your throne along side of you. Tisk tisk." He stepps back a little and his eyes roam around the room as if he is searching for the two infractions he said I made."
"My dear, do you have anything to add?"
"A new one, M'love. She shot daggers at our friend here which reminds me of her eye contact with you. That is nine." Mystery man moves forward and sits on the edge of the platform. He begins to rub her legs as she calls P close to discuss, I assume, my punishment.
I watch the three of them huddled and sharing ideas for the big play. I nearly giggle aloud as I think that would be the strangest football team in history.
Now and then, one of them looks my way, as if I am a slice of pie attached to the wall. My nipples, hard from both excitement and the chill inside the stone wall, look like the cherry toppings.
When they begin to move apart, I am almost shocked they don't clap and yell "break". She sits back on the throne, throwing one leg over the side, exposing her bareness beneath the latex to all. She said I couldn't have eye contact and it wasn't her eyes I was looking at as P removes the chain from the wall and leads me on the short leash to a seat our friend had rolled to face the
As I move closer to the chair, I am surprised to see the latex dildo strapped to the center of the seat. The arms and back are massive. I am quick to note the straps attached to the arms and legs of the beastly chair.
We stop in front of the chair, my back to her, and P slides down my body and parts my legs by grabbing an ankle and pulling it aside. He sticks his head to my neatly shaved pleasure points and darts out his tongue to taste me.
"M'Lady, I don't think she needs much encouragement to be moist," he says as he looks at her from between my legs.
"If that is the case, she may be seated," she answered.
P stands and puts his hands on my shoulders as he turns me to stand in front of the chair. "Take your time sitting down upon it, little wench, but sit on it all the same." His hands run down my shoulders, until he reachs my hands, which he places on each arm of the chiar. "Sit."
As if my body knows what I am in for, the floodgates begin to spill over and my juices wet the thick dildo as I slowly slide down, letting it gently stretch me as it fills me. When I am finally down to the smooth wood of the chair, I nod, letting them all know that I have followed the instructions.
Mystery Man bends before me and straps my ankles to the legs of the chair, a rather wide chair, and I am exposed for her viewing pleasure. While MM licks his lips and stares at the juice that is slowly spreading on the wood of the chair, P straps my wrists to the arms of the chair. After he finishes each wrist, he flicks at my nipple,hidden beneath the lace. I moan as he hits his mark both times. I look down as I feel teeth on my clit.
"Finish up, gentleman, I want to have some fun," she calls from her throne.
P reaches into the lace and grabs my nipple. As he bends down, I know I will feel his lips sucking me and I begin to wiggle my butt, moaning as the dildo rubs me and his lips suck me.
I feel something metal against his tongue and before I can wonder what it is, he sucks my nipple between his teeth and pushes it onto my nipple. He uses his teeth to push the tiny gold ring to the base of my nipple. My nipple instantly swells and mushrooms around the tight ring. As he does the same to the other, he flicks at my swollen nipple and the warm glow that runs through me cause me to scream out with pleasure.
Just as he is pulling my nipple through the second ring, I feel a pinch on my clit as MM clamps onto it with a small clip.
The men stand and P shows me a remote as he turns and walks to the platform where she sits and watches. He hands her the remote, and without hesitation she turns it on. The dildo inside me comes to life and as I begin to move with the gliding motions inside me, my dress slides up and the lace teases my sensitive nipples with each movement.
P moves between her and begins to lap at her wet snatch. Watching him as he pleases her is i huge turn on. Her lover begins to suckle upon her nipples and as the men please her, she keeps playing the remote, stopping it every time I begin to peak.
As P grabs her ass to slide her onto his face, he must have found her magic button. As she begins to cry out, she turns the remote on high and I cum with her, purring out my own mewls of pleasure.

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