The winter walk  

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12/4/2005 12:48 pm

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The winter walk

What a beautiful day it was. As long as you dressed warmly, it would be a nice day to enjoy the sunshine.
We filled some thermoses and packed some stuff to nibble on. I had extra batteries for the camera, a blanket in my pack and the basic "just in case" things that one carries as they roam the woods in the snow.
Sometimes we walk together, sometimes we go off in our own little worlds, always aware of where the other is but respectful of the space.
Now and then we'd stop and drink from the thermos. He enjoyed his coffee while I enjoyed some hot coco laced with Baileys. My nose may be cold but the rest of me kept a nice warm glow going.
We were in the middle of no where when the skies suddenly turned dark, the wind kicked up with a bite and the snow began to fall.
We moved together and called the dogs us as we began to look for any kind of shelter. It was not long before we could barely see each other little less shelter.
I saw the dogs began to sniff the air, as if something on the wind would guide us. I took a deep sniff and thought I smelled burning wood. I asked him if he did. Burning wood meant fire, fire meant warmth.
We followed our noses, often becoming frustrated as the smell whiffed this way and that in the wind.
Just as the wet snow on my hair was beginning to freeze and I was giving up hope a shadow grew in front of us. It grew with each step and soon we were standing in front of an old cabin with holes in the walls and broken trees on the roof but smoke rose from the chimney and we knocked on the door.
"Hey!" came a shout, "Get in out of the storm."
We opened the door and followed the dogs in, stomping the snow off our boots as we entered.
We introduced ourselves and thanked the couple sitting in front of the fire for letting us come in.
They explained there was nothing to thank them for, they too had been lost in the storm and found this place. Thankfully there was wood inside among the cobwebs.
They offered us some brandy as the dogs settled into their spots. As the storm raged outside, a friendship grew inside the cabin.
When the brandy was gone we moved to the coco with Baileys. When that was gone, i pulled out my always present bottle of Jack.
the fire danced strong and warm and as the drinks mixed with the heat of the fire, the layer of clothes began to be shed. Our talk turned to sex, our likes and disliked. Soon I shared how much i liked to be tied and the conversation turned.
She said she had always wanted to be a Dom and tie a man and a woman together.
My man said how he thought about what it would be like to tell another man what to do to me.
Suddenly she began to kiss her man, then my man and finally me. As her mouth forced itself on mine, I felt what little clothes i had on being removed.
My man took over kissing me and as he did, i felt my hands being pulled behind me, tied up and secured. I felt hands reaching around me and grabbing onto my not so small breasts. It was not long before those hands found my nipples and began to play with them.
Again kisses were passed around as everyone else found a creative way to remove clothing until we were all standing there, naked. Pecking order was soon established and somehow I was at the bottom of the list. Fine with me. That meant I didn't have to think, just feel.
She was fulfilling her desire to be Dom as she ran her hands around me and her man, pinching when and where she wanted, pulling now and then.
My man began telling her man when to kiss me, where and how.
She had her man lay on the pile of blankets and then had me kneel over him. My man told hers to start licking my asshole as he slid his cock into my mouth. He ordered him to finger my pussy as he teased, licked, sucked and bit my back door as my man fucked my face with his cock. She began to pull on my nipples, twisting them between her fingers, flicking at them and making them sting. I moaned and began to suck harder on my mans cock. He pulled his cock out, not wanting to feed my greed.
Keeping me on my knees, her man was ordered to sit up and begin to suck on my tits. As he did, she moved to take his spot and began to eat my pussy. My man, not wanting to be left out, went down on her pussy and soon slurping and sucking was going on everywhere.
As my man brought her to an orgasm, he stood and moved in front of me. He ordered her guy to get behind me and fuck my pussy while he watched from the other end while I sucked his cock.
Soon, I had a cock in my pussy, another in my throat and teeth on my nipples. As I came I felt such a wave of joy fill me. I sucked harder until he had no choice but to spew, i rammed my ass against her mans cock so he pulled out of my pussy just in time to spew his load all over his lady, who wiped it all over herself as she sucked harder on my nipples, determined to make me come without a man touching me at the time. It worked. I did.
We stoked the fire again and lay in a huddled mass. As we each slowly woke hours later and played with who ever was already wake, the storm died out.
Soon we headed out, back to where we had cum from with a new appreciation for getting caught in the storm.

rm_grinbare 39F
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12/10/2005 4:51 pm

Wow, you stories are amazing. Hope you get a chance to live some of these!

suziespleasure 61M/51F

12/11/2005 4:22 pm

Me too!!!!
sometimes I think i'm writung to give my sweetie hints...hee hee!

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