THE fantasy  

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9/1/2005 11:09 pm

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THE fantasy

I spent some time this evening chatting with an extremely exciting woman. I have never been attracted to a woman before but this lady is the bomb! My sweetie and I both feel a certain attraction to the idea of meeting up with her. She has been following my blog pretty closely...*waves*...and I hope she will enjoy this little addition...
And if it gives my sweetie some new ideas, well that would be the icing on the cake! *smooch*

The Barn:

Knowing my love for old barns, P suggested we take a drive on warm sunny afternoon and look at some of the older barns in the farm land where he lives. We pack a cooler, fill my flask and gather the dogs in the truck and off we go. As we drive we begin to discuss various people and couples we've met so far. As I dive right into the conversation, I look out the window and check out the various farms we pass.I hardly notice when he turns into the driveway of a beautiful farm house with a well maintained but oooooold barn. I finally notice when he pulls in front of the barn and shuts the engine off. I ask him where we were and he said he had ordered something from the guy who lived there and wanted to pick it up. I asked what it was and he said it was a surprise and asked if I'd like to go in to see. A chance to spend time in an old barn, duh!
As soon as he opened my door for me, the dogs bounded out and went exploring and I could smell the hay, and the grain, and all the smells an old farm has. P rested his hand under my elbow to guide me to the door and whispered, "i know you will enjoy this's something you've always wanted and never really relized it." As I opened my mouth to ask him to elaborate it, he places his finger over my lips to silence me and tells me to just wait. As we arrive at the small door so cleverly placed in the middle of the larger door, he stopped me and pulled a bandana from his back pocket.
"Turn around" he says.
"Why" I ask.
"Because if you don't, we'll go right back to the truck and leave."
Stubborn little lass that I am I cross my arms and practically throw my hip as I toss it to the side in that stance that says "you can't make me".
He begins to call the dogs back. I turn around.

He pulls back my long hair and covers my eyes with the now folded bandana and ties it behind my head, letting my hair fall outside of it to flow down my back.
"There are three parts to this surprise...if at anytime you argue, we will simply leave. Do you understand?"
His voice had changed, it had a certain air of authority to it and I'm sure I detect a certain huskiness I only hear when he is truly turned on. A chill runs down my spine.

My body jumps to full alert as the door squeeks open and he gently guides me through, taking great care that I step high enough to clear the bottom of the rahter high door. I instantly smell the age of the building and in my minds eye I invision lofts on either side and a big wooden hoist in the middle of the floor once used to raise the bails of hay to the loft before the winter snow flew.
He guides me to the right and tells me we were about to enter the tack room...This time the chill that runs down my back ends by starting a warm glow between my legs.
As we enter the room, I hear the creak and then thud of the door shutting and he removes the blindfold. What I see before me is not tack...well maybe a rubber bit or two...but a wooden room with one wall full of nothing but different sex play outfits.
"You have three minutes to pick out something to wear," he tells me as he moves to a well worn old arm chair, "do not ask me to help you choose but know that what ever you choose will set the tone for the other two parts." Before sitting, he opens the cooler and pulls out a can of coke and my flask and hands them to me. "You'll want this while you are choosing, I'm sure." He returns to the cooler and grabs a beer then takes a seat. Pointing to his watch he encourages me to hurry, reminding me if i didn't play by the rules we would leave. I didn't want to go.
I quickly browsed through racks of lacy things and moved to the next. I took my time on this one, the small leather outfits caught my eye and the smell just seemed to go with the setting of the barn. I pulled a few items out and held them up for him to see, hoping I may at least catch a certain look that one pleases him more than another, only to find that he had slide his sunglasses over his eyes. The beer at his lips told me I wasn't going to get anything out of him. I placed them at the end of the rack and quickly glanced at others. There were racks of latex and role-playing outfits but nothing caught my eye like the leather.
"Don't forget to pick out footwear and've only a minute left."
I grabbed the one outfit that seemed to call to me and choose a pair of thigh high boots to wear over thigh high black stockings that would attached to the garters. I chose a few accesories and was deceiding on one as he informed me my time was up.

rm_L0lo69 52M
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9/2/2005 12:02 am

Very good indeed. Could you please go ahead I can not wait to read the end...

volcanoinu23 52M

9/2/2005 12:09 am

This sounds very exciting. It certainly had my mind racing already!

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