She was gently swaying  

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10/24/2005 6:58 pm

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She was gently swaying

in the harness that kept her suspended while everyone else enjoyed a cocktail of choice. A new round of drinks were served and the group moved towards her again. One held a shotglass and a bottle of Jack Daniels, another held a can of coke, one had a small piece of cake for her, another lit a smoke and the fifth person concelled something in his hand but the buzzing gave away the identity of the item.
She drank, she ate, she smoked and when the viberator was slid inside of her, she came. She was gently lowered and the harness was removed.

The women were led a bit further into the shadows of the garage and lined up shoulder to shoulder. Each man put soft cuffs around his woman's wrists. Then the women were chained together. The birthday girl, in the middle was attached to each lady. Their arms were raised above their heads. Soon the same thing was done to the womens ankles.
The men moved in front of the women and looked at their work. Each man moved forward and began to tease, suck and play with his woman's nipples. After a while, they switched. Once each man had teased and pleased each woman's nipples they moved back to their own.
She thought nothing but good thoughts as her man began to suck on her again...until she felt a tight pinch on her nipple. She looked down and saw the clip. When the pain went away, the burn ran to her clit, exciting her. She expected to feel the cool chain hit her skin when the other clip was put on but it wasn't until he moved away that she realized that each nipple was attached to a chain that was attached to her neighbor's nipple. She felt the coolness of a chain along her back as she realized that the two women on the end had the nipple that wasn't connected to hers attached to each other, the long chain running behind them.
It did not take long for the women to realize when one moved, the other two felt it.
The men moved away and the women heard the top of the cooler opening and knew they were indulging again. The guys spoke quietly to one another and the gals did to, as they turned this way or that, exciting one another with the gentle nipple tugs. They discussed where the men would go from here. Not that they cared because they knew the men would not hurt them andno mater what happened, they would have an orgasmic time.

The guys returned bearing gifts of alchol and with the help of straws, wet their womans whistles. As soon as that was taken care of, the men put belts around the ladies waists and attached the belt to ropes. this enabled them, as the ladies soon learned to lower the upper body while keeping the rest erect. As the men lowered the arms of the ladies, moans were heard all around as the chains tightened and loosened. The woman were lowered and the men moved behind them. The "weapon" of each woman's choice was used. A hand for one, a cat o nines to another and a flogger for the third. When buns were reddened, the men moved in and began to poke their cocks into the women.
The ladies were inable to tell who was behind them, driving into them but since each man was wearing a condom, it was not a concern.
Each time a lady came, the men switched, using new condoms each time. The gals, each multi-orgasmic, came over and over again and as soon as they were nothing but quivering masses, the guys got serious and began to pound into the women. Soon, every one was once again moaning in orgasmic pleasure.
Once everyone peaked and caught their breath, the woman were untied but their nipple clips were not removed. They were told they would not be disconnected until the evening was through.
Man, what a way to turn forty!!!!

Plano69 54M

11/4/2005 9:08 pm

Damn... all I got on my Birthday was a ZZTops CD...

That sounds like a party I'd remember! LOL!

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