Part Three  

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Part Three

"Sweetheart, you look beautiful, would you like to see?"
I nodded. He leads me to another part of the room and removes my blindfold. I look into the full mirror before me and grin.
"You may talk now, if you dare. What is the word that stops anything that is happening?" He watches me in the mirror.
"Enough" I answer.
"And the sign?"
I wiggle a peace sign at him.
"Good," he says as he turns me. "You ladies have already met. We have agreed not to use proper names. This is her close gentleman friend and we are going to play now."
"Great!" I reply, having no idea what is in store for me, but not worried about it. I trust P and know he won't let me down.
She takes my hand and leads me to the main part of the barn. It is full with racks and benches, cages and straps and things I'm not even sure of.
The men are wearing leather loin clothes move towards us. P gently grabs her arm and hooks a leather leash to the collar while mystery man does the same to me. Leading us by the collar they take us to the center of the room, under the giant hoist I imagined earlier. Our arms are raised above our heads and attached to the rope on the hoist. Our ankles are clipped to each other and a beam is put between our feet to keep us from closing our legs. We are lifted just high enough to keep our feet on the ground but our bodies stretched. As P begins to suckle her breasts he begins to suckle mine, removing the remote from my clevage and letting it drop. The sudden pull stingers but for a mere second and i feel my honey beginning to run. The men switch and as P begins to play with my nipples and breasts he stops to look up at me and smile. I smile back before closing my eyes to enjoy his mouth. As he licks and flicks my nipples with his talented tounge, his hands slide down my back, underneath my thong and he begins to move the butt plug around. I moan loudly and shortly after, so does she. I imagine she is receiving the same treatment.
"This was in her basket," P tells me as he holds up a long double ended dildo. "and I think you two should be attached even more."
I feel him slide the plug from my ass and try to see what he is doing as I feel the head of the long, but not too thick dildo replace it. "Now you are!"
The dildo is tight in my rear and as she wiggles, it moves my side. I feel stretched but it does not hurt. P removes a clamp and sucks the sting away. I get ready for him to do the same on the other side. Instead he attaches another one and I can feel by the cord that she is also attached. Here we are, back to back, hands above our heads, a dildo going from her rump to mine, our nipples attached to each other, the remotes hanging on either side of us, our ankles attached and i am hotter than I've ever been.
I am new to all this, she is not and she knows that by moving, she increases both of our pleasures. I catch on and as we begin to wiggle and twist, turning each other on, masterbating together on our repective sides and all I can do is enjoy it. Soon I feel her hips start to rock, the dildo sliding between us and as she begins to cry out, I feel my own orgasim rising. The men stand back, drinks in hands and watch as we both climax and squirm. My knees are weak and I am grateful for the hosit holding me up. As our breathing slow, we giggle as one or the other sets off another mini tremor. The guys come and wipe us with a warm cloth and carefully hold our drinks up for us to wet our whistle.
This time, her sweetheart speaks up. "That was fun, lets try something else."
"By all means, lead the way," P replies. After removing all the put on us, other than letting our arms down, they turn us. Now we are facing each other. They remove our corsets before her man begins to bind around our breasts, leaving four large globes. They then return the clamps to our nipples and add an additional one to our clits. They again attach our ankles then tie us together at the tops of our legs. Our breasts squeeze together.
"No kissing, Ladies," we're instructed.
We do. A deep hungry kiss, both of us excited. Suddenly I feel a cat-o-nines across my ass and she pulls away as I hear a slap across hers.
"Mmmmmm...I love to be flogged," she moans softly.
She begins to kiss me again and we both feel the sting on our buns.
"Keep it up, Ladies, as long as you misbehave, we will keep this up!"
We kiss until the burn turns to a sting and we both cum again.
"Our turn," P says as he begins to undo only the things that will separate us girls. He lowers my arms and takes the leash to lead me to a long, high bench. He pushes be over it and attachs my ankle and wrists to rings on the legs. She is moved and tied the same, just down a bit from me, leaning over from the other side. I feel P's mouth go down on me and as he does, he rocks his hand on my back, rubbing my swpollen breasts and nipples against the padded bench. Soon I cum so hard that I actually spirt it into his waiting mouth, he moans and licks me until I am somewhat dry but every time he touches my clit with his tongue, I start all over again.
"Yes, Zee, oh yes!" he moans. "I need to see that pussy of your fucked! Would you like the honors?"
Suddenly I remember there are others there. P had driven me into our own little world.
"Only if you will take care of this one for me."
"But of course."
The men switch places and I feel a new tongue on my clit, then around my back door, then back to my clit. He begins to rub my honey around my hole and slides a viberator into my butt just before ramming into me.
P tells me how nice it is to watch my face as another man makes me cum, all the while, moaning and bucking into her. He is close enough to me that he grabs a handful of my hair and tugs on it as he grabs her hips to rock into her more. It is my undoing and I explode into one of the loudest orgasims I can remember just as P does. Shortly after us, they begin to cum too and all that can be heard is moans and grunts and more moans. I look up in time to see him pull out and remove his condom. Safty before pleasure. He leans over and kisses me.
The men free us of our bonds and toys and remove the rest of our clothes before leading us towards a stall that turns out to be a large shower. The four of us begin to bathe one another and soon we are nothing but legs, arms, mouths and a large quivering mass.
We finish, clean up, get dressed and head into the house for dinner and drinks.
Desert will be served later in the barn.

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9/2/2005 12:58 pm

Very well written. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for the exceptional post!

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9/2/2005 8:40 pm

I felt I was there. Very nice piece of literature. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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