My arms were freed  

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My arms were freed

and he lifted me off the wonderfully woody. He bent me forward until my hands were on the ground and tied them to what i assumed were more stakes. I was now in his favorite position and I was more than ready to feel him slide in me and ride me until we both exploded.
It was a nice thought until I felt the same sting as he freed my clit and reminded me he had yet to address the issue of my sassiness. He kissed me deeply and told me her didn't want to muffle my cries. Instantly I felt the smoothness of his hands rubbing my ass cheeks, softly and gently. I felt him slide something small into my dripping depths and move it around. As it slid into my ass, I was sure it was another of his whittled creations and I moaned. He had made it large enough to stretch but not hurt me as it slide in. He removed the hood to show me the cat-o-nines he held. He slowly began to slide the leather over my hair, my back, my butt, my thighs, my calfs and i suck in my breath as he whipped the soles of my feet. He worked his way up, slapping my calves, my thighs, my ass, my back...each one just a tad harder than the last.
"Tell me sweetheart, harder or softer?"
"More," I panted.
"That's not what I asked."
"Harder what?"
"Harder Please."
My wish was granted. When he slapped my sides, the leather tips managed to make it around my front hard enough to lick my nipples and leave them wanting more. They were so awake now that the blood was flowing normally through them and they yearned for attention to.
I said just such and he put the ball gag back in my mouth. He moved behind me and grabbed my hair as if it were a pair of reins. I soon learned why as he drove his shaft into my wet pussy. It rubbed against the wooden butt plug and every nerve in my body came to full alert. He gathered my hair in one hand and began to use the whip on my sides, kissing my nipples with every slap. His thrusts came harder, deeper and I exploded! A mere second later he joined me and as he grabbed my shoulders to pull himself as deep into me as he could get we both saw the fireworks.

Soon after, we caught our breath and he untied me. He handed me a wet cloth and went to get the dogs. When he returned, he settled the dogs in and came to sit beside me.
"Have you learned your lesson about being sassy?" He leaned into me and smiled.
"Oh that was a lesson? OH YES, I learned it alright."
"I don't know but it's late and we can find out tomorrow. Let's head to bed. Ladies first."
I climbed into the tent and prepared the sleeping bags so we could sleep on one and cover with the other.
He removed the rain cover from the tent and the moon and stars lit the inside. I could see the gleem still on his skin from our latest session and he could see the same on me.
As he climbed into the tent, he brought the poles in he had used earlier. Now since i could see it, I was impressed. He put it down beside him and cuddled in to sleep, he raised his arm and I slid in tight against him. I was about to reach down to pull up the cover when he stopped me by pinching my nipple.
"I don't think you are going to stop being sassy so I want to give you something to think about." He rolled over and caught my wrists together, quickly tying them and pull them over my head. He pulled my legs apart, reached over and grabbed his contraption. He slid it deeper into me this time and tied it to my knees.
"Now i can move it anytime i want to through the night."
He began to kiss me softly and slowed kissed his way down to my chest. As he sucked my nipples, I felt the unmistakeable feel of the wooden clothes pins as they closed down at the very base of my nipples. He pulled the sleeping bag over us, making sure to place it on my nipples and every time he moved, so would my nipples. He slide the wooden dildo in and out a few times, kissed me and said goodnight. After he kissed me long and deep again, he returned the ball gag to my mouth and rolled over.
"Don't worry, I'll free you in the morning. I have other plans."
After i came again, i fell into a light sleep, anixious to see what the day light would bring.

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