Her nipples ached....  

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11/9/2005 9:16 pm

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Her nipples ached....

They ached for attention, they ached for the pleasurable pain they felt when pulled, squeezed, pinched or otherwise sweetly abused.

They woke her when she slept. They throbbed, hardened with desire.

They grabbed her attention when a strong wind ruffled her jacket. They hardened to rub against the cotton of her bra, sending signals to her clit to throbb along with them.

She wanted to climb into the shower and send the pulsating water to her clit while the clothes pins on her nipples fed the ache. Yet she knew she wouldn't. She knew she would wait.

She also knew that she would never get the same pleasure by herself as she would get if she waited for her Man to do it for her.

She was unable to go visit right away and had to wait a few days. She waited, and waited.

Though it was only days away, the hours until she could be with him seemed endless.

Finally, the time drew near. Only a few more hours until she met up with him. First, she had an appointment to keep and some shopping to do.
She woke early that morning. After setting the coffee to brew, she staggered into theh bathroom and pulled the electric razor from the cupboard. She plugged it in, oiled it in the right spots, sat down on the toilet with a mirror in one hand and clippers in the other. Slowly, carefully she trimmed her pubes the way she knew he liked them to be trimmed. When she was finished, she wiped the lose hairs away, inspected her work and with a nod of approval she stood, flushed the extra hair down the toilet, and stumbled into the kitchen to get her first cup of coffee.
She watched the today show with her coffee and when her cup was empty, she went to take her shower.
In the shower, she took her time as she slowly massaged the shampoo,then conditionner into her hair. While the conditioner did it's work, she soaped up her legs and carefully shaved them. When she was sure she had removed every coarse hair she rinsed her hair, soaped her body, rinsed again and turned off the water.
She was impatient while she sat and waited for her appointment to end. She rushed through her shopping, no browsing today. She got home, packed the car and headed to see her sweetie.

She got to his house in record time. Together they unloaded the car and sat down in the living room. After all, it was still early in the afternoon.
Her nipples began to ache. She didn't know how, but they could smell him. They couold sense he was close and they wanted his attention.
Apparently, he had the same thoughts. He led her to the bedroom and began to kiss her. As this was rare for him, her body awoke. Every nerve of her body joined the tango their tongues were dancing. She lost her head. The room began to spin as she gave into his kiss and every nerve in her body seemed to leap to her tongue. She never realized he had somehow removed her clothes.
As he kisse her, he slowly moved so they were in the middle of the bed. As he kissed her he moved his hands up and down her body. She was so involed with the taste of his mouth that she did not realize what he was doing until he had the rope tied around one of her wrists.
She did not fight him as he tied her other wrist, then her ankles. She knew that soon, her nipples would be singing from his attention and her body would be throbbing with want of him.
Once she was secure, he started at her ankles and nibbled his way up her left leg. As he got close to her magic button he raised his head and went to the other ankle. Again he started at her ankle and nibbled his way towards her most private point and again, he ignored it.
He kissed his way up her stomach until her reached her breasts.
He knew what she wanted. Even more, he knew what she needed.
He started with her right breast. He kissed the perimeter and as he moved closer to her nipple, his kisses turned into nips. When he finally got to her nipple he teased her. He flicked it with is tongue, he bit it with his teeth. He pulled on it with his lips, he twisted it with his teeth.
She moanedat the nipple attention and she yelped as his teeth gave leave to a screw clamp. He tightened it until she used their safe word. He let the tension off just a bit, so it was more pleaure than pain. He followed the same route with her other breast. As soon as the clamps were on her nipples, he slide a switch from off to on and her nipples began to viberate.
She moaned and began to move her hips with want. He kissed his way straight down her body until her reached her clit.
He drove a vibrator into her wet pussy and as it buzzed inside of her, he began to give his full attention to her throbbing clit. He did not bother to tease it, he just began to lick and suck it. He sucked it so hard it swelled to twice it's size and when it did, he began to note it, chew it and soon, he clamped a clothes pin onto it.
The Vibrator was soaked with ehr flowing juices as he pulled it from her pussy and slowly pushed it into her ass. Her moans told him she had no objections to his treatment. He moved towards her face again and hung his hard cock in front of her face, knowing her love of deep throating.
She welcomed him into her mouth. She sucked hard and long, pulling against her binds so she could swallow his shaft.
As she sucked, he slowly rotated his body so he could once again take her clit into his mouth. While he sucked her clit, he pulled on her nipple clamps just enough to keep her on her toes and encourage her to suck harder, deeper, allowing her tongue to tease the bottom of his shaft.
As he ate her, she untied her ankles but soon pulled his cock from her lips long enough to tie her ankles to the head of the bed. Now both holes were opened to him.
He pulled his cock from her mouth and moved over her. He began to move the vibrator in her back door, sliding it in and oout, in and out. As she began to moan with her insatiable desires, he drove his cock into her pussy. Four thrusts later she felt the electicity surge through her body, a few more thrusts later, she began to cum, screaming out for the man she loved, beggin him for more, beggin him to join her in this new world of orgasimic creations. Soon he did.
When they were spent, he untied her. He went and got her a warm, wet cloth and cleaned her before he untied her.
when he finally untied her, he grabbed her into the warmth of his arms, spoonign just so as their bodies fit perfectly together.
Come morning, she knew she would begin to suck his cock again, this time with nothing on her mind but making him cum, making him moan her name before he spewed his juice.

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11/10/2005 6:02 am

Very Nicely written.

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11/11/2005 7:37 pm

Nice pace and timing. Love the detail.

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11/18/2005 11:30 pm

dear!!!!! i'm smoking

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