Her Special Day...  

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Her Special Day...

It was one of those days that only come once a decade. She spent the time driving to her man's house reflecting on decades past and all that had changed.
The sun was just setting as she pulled down the driveway. He was standing outside on a rather warm winter night waiting for her.
He opened her door and grabbed her into his arms with a big bear hug, then he kissed her. She could taste his passion in his kiss and she knew that within moments, he would chase her thoughts of the past away and get her to focus on the moment. No future, no past, just each moment of the evening as they blurred together with their shared passion.
They stood, holding each other, watching the shades in the sky change from one shade of dusk to the last shade before the stars pop out.
He led her by the hand into the house and the first thing she noticed was the only illumination in the house was provided by candlelight. The vanilla scent of incense whiffed through the home.
After removing their boots and coats he grabbed her hand again and led her directly back to the Master bath where he had a steaming bubble bath waiting. As he kissed her again, he only removed his lips from hers long enough to pull her sweater over her head and pull her jeans and socks off.
As he helped her climb into the bath he whispered, "Tonight is your night so just sit back, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes. I'll be right back."
As she slide down into the warm bath, he gently grabbed her hair, piled it on top of her head and clipped it as he'd seen her do a dozen times or so. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, taking in the sweet lavender scent of the bubbles.
He returned with her favorite beverage in one hand and his in the other. With soft music playing in the background, he caught her eye and slowly striped, his eyes never leaving hers, even when hers wandered the length of his body. Oh how she loved the feel of his body.
He slid into the tub behind her, their bodies slippery but close together. He pulled her legs up slightly and began to massage her thighs, his touch firm and soothing as the heat from both the water and the way he stroked her caused her to sigh contently.
She rested her head on his shoulder as he kissed her neck and rubbed her hips, stomach and ribs. Now and then she would let out a moan or he would whisper sweetness into her ear. They did not break the mood with small talk, the just sat in the moment and enjoyed their togetherness.
When he reached her breasts, he touched every part of them, rubbing, massaging, squeezing, exciting her. The one thing he never touched were her nipples and that alone caused her to squirm. He knew her body well and he knew just the right moment to begin to tease her nipples, when to start to pinch them a bit, and when to pull and as he started to put all those touches together, adding just a small twist as her body began to shake, the water splashing on the sides of the tub before she cried out with orgasm.
He kissed her neck as she calmed and slowly rubbed her body. When her breathing returned to normal, her lifted her chin and kissed her.
"Relax for a few minutes while I refill our drinks, " he said as he rose and grabbed a towel as he climbed from the tub.
She settled in against the back of the tub, warmed by his body. Closing her eyes, her hand ran down her stomach, up and down her thigh and between her legs. A simple touched caused an after shock and she smiled, put her arms on the side of the tub and rested her eyes.
He returned and set the drinks on the counter. He held out a big towel and as she stood he wrapped it around her. It was warm, obviously just out of the dryer. He helped her out of the tub and gently dried her from head to toe. When he was done and she was dried, he led her to the bedroom. He had an outfit set out on the bed and as she smiled and reached for the corset he said, "uh-huh, I'll do that."
He dressed her tenderly, sitting her down on the bed when it came time to pull on the thigh high stockings he chose for her. He stood her up again and took her to the bathroom so she could see how she looked.
"You are a beautiful woman," he whispered as he stood behind her. She caught his eye in the mirror and smiled at him.
"And you are a handsome man." She turned and kissed him.
"Sweetheart, put your make-up on to match the way you are dressed then I will put your dress on you," he said and turned to leave the room.
She set about fixing her face, excited by the way he was acting tonight. She let her hair down, poofed it up, sprayed it and called out she was ready.
He was at the door instantly, dressed in jeans and a button down shirt. "Perfect," he said and smiled. She was amazed at how his smile could sometimes make her feel all warm and gooey inside.
Back in the bedroom, he pulled a long black dress over her head. It was one of her favorites because it hugged her body so well and made her feel oh so sexy.
She already knew she would never forget this night.

Although it was only 20 some odd degrees, he opened the back door and led her outside. With the dogs running ahead, he led her to the garage. He had laid a rubber mat down earlier and she did not slip in her heels.
He opened the door to the garage and once again, she was entering a space that was only lighted by candles. The garage was warm and the glow of the candles left many shadows. The was an unexpected intimacy in the air. A warm chill ran through her.
On a table just inside the door was everything they needed to drink. He poured her a drink and asked her to dance. Neither of them were swell on there feet but they held each other and swayed to the music. Slowly, as she turned, her body close to his, she began to realize that people were emerging from the shadows.
Two women and two men emerged with a round of "surprises". Boy was she.
"I told you this is your night."
Stay tuned for the continuation of this story.

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