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11 SEP 05

Well, until I am again inspired to write another story, I'll just write my mind.

I'm a bit confused by things that are going on. When my sweetie and I made up our minds to place an ad, I was the one who was apperhensive. Now that I'm excited about it, things have either fizzled out, or we can't agree, or one of us have a awkward feeling about one of the parties of another couple so it get's put on a back burner.

I've learned a lot since we've started this. My man and I have talked more now about what we want sexually than we ever have before. I know that we don't want to have intercourse with anyone other than each other but we want to have same room sex and want to share fore play with four sets of limbs going every which way but loose. I know he is excited by the idea of watching another man play with me and is very interested in learning some of the "bondage" things I'd like to try.

I know neither of us want to inflict or receive pain, we would prefer to infer that it could be possible. Another thing that I find completely tantalizing is the idea of not being able to touch myself while he is playing with me. I love the way he can make me cum just be the glourious things he does with my nipples. I enjoy giving him head so much that I have (and look forward to doing it again) cum while swallowing him deep and feeling the way his cock curves with my thraot as it goes deeper and deeper until it is deep enough that I can also lick his balls while keeping him down my throat. Yummy!!!!!

But now I'm not as sure what we are looking for as far as another couple. We want to be friends first and foremost...if anything else happens, well, that's just icing on the cake. In the meantime, I'd love for us to get more e-mails and winks of people who are serious. We do want to play some e-mail tag and chat on line before we jump into anything. The things I dream about need trust to be a factor. You can't get that from an e-mail or two.

There will be more stories later, that I promise! Hope y'all are enjoying them!

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