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6/14/2005 12:05 am

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It's a bit wierd to write down what I have in mind. I have been reading a couple of blogs on AdultFriendFinder for a couple of days now, and I feel this strange urge to talk about something that is happening in my life. Anonymous, open and candid.
I was involved with a woman about four years ago. We spent six months together, sleeping, having sex, movies, working. Having sex with her was incredible. She could do to me what you can not imagine. Make me shiver, make me hard just by looking at me in a certain way. Her lust was enourmous; she could always have sex, anywhere, anytime. No inhibitions, no limits to her imagination.
We broke up, eventually, and she found a guy, got a child with him a couple of months later. I also found a new girlfriend, and live with her very happily.
I still think about her regularly. And we never lost contact, either. In fact, we still sleep with eachother every now and again.
It's like she is the love of my life, yet we can not live together as a couple. Her idea of sex is not limited to just one partner. However, her and my partner are strictly monogamous.
Me? I can not think when I am with her. She enchants me, in some very sensual way.

I do not object to having sex, or even a relationship next to having another relationship. There is enough love in my heart to share with many partners. And with both, I enjoy the same intemacy and lust. Is this wrong?

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