Forest Adventure  

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6/15/2005 11:02 pm

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Forest Adventure

Everyone has fantasies; the trick is sometimes to keep them fantasies, and sometimes to act them out. Not all fantasies are supposed to happen. Sometimes, living out a fantasy makes the fantasy worthless
Not this one. I rode my bike, ladyfriend on the buddyseat, to a forest the other day. I had been teasing her behind my back by stroking and touching the whole way. She was very horny, and wanted to find a place to get it off. So we rode to the forest, and found a nice, secluded part that was the perfect spot for our endeavour.
Quickly, we took off our coats and laid them on the forest floor, providing a nice and soft layer for our spiel of pleasure. She pushed me down on my back and unzipped me. My cock sprang forward, released from the constrictions of my slip. Her lusty lips caught it, and took it in, deep in her throat. As she was pumping, caressing my balls, I managed to take off my shirt. I pushed her back, away from the object of her attention, allowing me to take of my pants; she quickly removed her shirt and bra and dropped her pants. Seeing her standing over me, with high leather boots and thong only, I grabbed her hips and guided her down. She slid over my cock and moaned with pleasure, as it filled her pussy. After riding me for a while, she stood up, moved down and started sucking again, licking the shaft and kissing my balls. This was not to my liking; I was hungry for her juices and succulent lips, so I picked her up, and turned her around, so she faced my dick, and I could fully appreciate her cunt. Lapping away, one finger shot up into her cunt without effort; a second followed quickly. Her moans, and sudden loss of accuracy and concentration on sucking my cock told me that I had to be carefull not to make her come too quickly. I quit licking her clit and proceeded with penetration only, occasionally stroking my tongue over her outter lips. A third finger went into her arse, after lubrication with lots of spit and moisture from her juicy cunt. She pushed herself onto the three fingers and wanted more, and more rough.
I decided to tease her a bit more, and pushed my fingers into her, massaging the flesh between her anus and pussy. I was a bit dissapointed when she came, I did not manage to find the right timing to keep her from her orgasm. She was extatic, panting. She rolled off me, and I laid her on her back, feet in the air. A quick thrust, and my member filled her pussy. "Fuck me", she gasped and I complied willfully. Pounding hard, in a steady rhythm, she came again, clawing her nails into my back. After a couple of minutes, she panted hard, and told me she was too tender to be fucked anymore. I got out of her, with a throbbing penis. She pushed me away and rolled over on her belly, offering me her other entry. I applied some more spit and juice from her pussy, and gently pushed my member inside her rear entrance. Her squeels and wriggeling worked magic for my excitement, and I came after only minutes of thrusting. I pulled out, just before the orgasm, and rolled her over beneath me. Her hungry mouth opened and took my member in, sucking it until a momentous orgasm. After all the semen had dissapeared into her stomach, we sat upright, and lit up a smoke. Ten minutes later, all our clothes were back on, and the bike was started for the next part of the tour.

I feel guilty.

It's just not right to smoke in a forest.

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