Still in nowheresville.  

sussexman2005 50M
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5/16/2006 10:17 am
Still in nowheresville.

Hey'all, how are you today. Its raining here again! I am of the opinion that as a standard member my chances of getting laid are about as much as Lord Lucan turning up or of George Bush saying sorry to an Iraqi. I think I have more fun writing the fantasies down that I have so today's is for all those other standard members who are finding it difficult to meet someone here on AdultFriendFinder.
So there's this classy lady who comes into the garden where I work and after spending some time looking around she comes over and asks a few questions about plants and things. As we chat I can't help my eyes as they look down her plunging neck line and further to the tight skirt and stockings she is wearing. She asks if I do any private work and seeing how hot she is say that I do. She gives her address and we arrange a time to meet. When I get there her husband is away on business and there is no one else around. She shows me what she wants done and I get on with it. The sun is warm and I strip of my top. Half an hour later she comes out with a cold drink for me wearing a short skirt and thin top. Her long blond hair floing over her shoulders and in her eye a glint of something to come. She says I should come into the pool and cool down and mesmerised by her fantastic body I cooly follow her to the poolside. I explain that I have no swimmers with me and she just laughs and says that I should just skinny dip. I stop for a second and seeing my hesitation she strips in front of me there and then. I need no second asking and strip of myself. By now my cock is rock hard with the sight of her sweet ass and huge tits. I can't take my eyes of her as she dives in. I follow her in and we come up together. Her legs entwine around me and as we passionately kiss. She is so hot that without trying my 8 inch cock slides smoothly inside her up to the hilt. Holding her firmly she starts to bounce up and down on my member, her firm lovely tits bouncing before my eyes. I walk her ove to the edge of the pool and tell her to lay on the side so that I can lick her pussy. Gently teasing the clit I lick and suck and soon she is moaning. I can feel the tension build in her but she wants me to make her come with me inside her so she jumps back into the pool we embrace again and I fuck her hard until she comes. Now its my turn to come and i fill her pussy with my spunk. Satisfied she leaves me a towel and I go back to the job in hand. At the end of the day she pays me and says if I want there is some work for later. I will back to this job again..See ya M.

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