Blog 6 - Everything you wanted to know about blog but were afraid to ask.  

sussexman2005 50M
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4/27/2006 6:45 am
Blog 6 - Everything you wanted to know about blog but were afraid to ask.

Oh my God, what is going on. Not only have loads of you from all around the world viewed my blogs but many of you are men. Sorry hello to you
all, but this is odd because I thought I would be writing to attract women, and women from Sussex England at that. Well actually I haven't attracted nobody from nowhere yet (What a surprise - Not!) Nobody has been brave enough to post a comment yet, I don't bite a lot and who knows what might happen. So todays scribble is this.
10 - girls I fancy on AdultFriendFinder at the moment - Ninelives70, Babe7251, Katyea, Iliad1, Pertboobs, Fuckmeinfrontof, biTchwiFbiGTiTs, Icanard80s, maddiewhite4u, SexytitsLC
9 - the nuber of girls I have had sex with in my life. Oi no sniggering at the back. And of those only 3 in the last 17 years due to marriage.
8 - Length of my cock in inches when looking at any of those listed in number 10.
7 - The number of sexual positions have used regularly
6 - Number of sexual things done - had sex (obviously), cum over my wifes tits, arse and pussy, made a girl cum by licking alone, had sex 5 times in one night, fucked a girl in a public place, cum in my wife's mouth (and she swallows)
5 - things I would like to try - have a threesome with either two girls or a couple, Photgraph a woman naked, meet someone on the AdultFriendFinder (just for a change!), come all over a girls face, watch a girl insert a vibrator during foreplay
4 - things I won't do - Anal sex!!!, waste anybody's time, force myself on anyone, hurt anyone.
3 - is for threesome which I would dearly love to try
2 - but two is just as nice
1 - Thing I have thought about but am not really brave enough to carry out - sucking another man.
Well itss nearly the weekend and I am going to be busy with work so I won't get to write for a few days. If you want to chat then mail me or post a comment. Oh yes and its cloudy here, the cats just eaten a rabbit in the room and i feel quite randy today but not as much as yesterday. I'm all done, see ya soon, Take care all. M.

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