Blog 4- Revenge of the blog  

sussexman2005 50M
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4/25/2006 10:09 am
Blog 4- Revenge of the blog

Well hello to you all, can't beleive so many read my rancid rantings but anyway. I was going to write a load tonite but it will have to wait especially my fantasy. I thought i had written a few over the last week but I am in a drought compared to some. Do these people have to much time on their hands? To much blogging and not enough shagging I reckon. Still if they are anything like me they are having to blog because they are getting no shagging! But a blog is never as good as a shag unless of course it leads to a shag, and when I mena shag I mean full on multi positional, multi orgasmic sex leading to complete gratification, for an hour or two at least lol. Well got to go now, by the way the touring car racing was excellent, the cat is still on my lap and it has been raining again. Oh and I am still felling randy as hell. More tomorrow. Take care all. M.

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