i like crazy saying and fucked up jokes!  

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2/16/2006 3:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i like crazy saying and fucked up jokes!

these jokes are in bad taste but they are not meant to offend anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what do u call a bleach blond doing a hand stand?
a brunett with bad breath!

what do u tell a blond with to black eyes?
nothing u already told her twice!

what do u call mike tyson with no arms?
anything u want nigger nigger nigger!

why dont u run over a nigger riding down the steet on a bike?
its probably your bike!

what do u call a black man that flies a plane?
a pilot u rascist!

what did one rubber say to the other as they walked out of the gay bar?
lets go get shit face!

whats the difference between a blond and a washing machine?
washing machine dont follow u around for a week after u drop two loads in it!

why are gay men always quike to move?
they already have thier shit packed!

here's a pick up line or two

must have hurt .
when u fell from heaven

word for the day is legs!
lets go back to my house and spread the word!

want to get a pizza and screw?
what dont like pizza?

ok movie quotes

"i told u tell them u was in sanitation not sanitarium"

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