what a time it was...  

TypogAurinMoray 45M
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4/29/2006 3:59 am

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4/3/2008 9:45 pm

what a time it was...

what a time it was when you could talk to people...what a time it was when you could be yourself...what a time it will be when??????when what i don't know because it seems there not that many people on here that like to chat'email'or blog'too get to know someone..........oh well lets just keep tryin!!!!!!

seeking2pleasure 70F

4/27/2007 9:40 am

yes sweetie, you keep trying .. you never give up that one hope that maybe there is someone real out there for you ....i've heard it all from guys who are equally as disgusted as you..but sometimes patience is the ultimate virtue... she just falls down on you like a ton of bricks... and you wonder where was she?? probably looking for the same as you and couldn't find ... so don't let it get you down , keep smiling and be yourself...

kisses and licks

never judge a woman by the size of her jeans!!

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