worshipper and goddess!  

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11/6/2005 6:18 pm

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worshipper and goddess!

I idolize you, for your beauty, for your wit and your intelligence, for your kind heart! I will get down before your shackled body and pray to you, for you are my goddess, and I worship you. I will massage your skin with oil, kneed your breasts with ointment, kiss your feet with pleasure!

But when I rise from my knees before you, you will know who is the keeper of your image, key holder to your temple. For you will remain mighty yet harnessed, oiled but trussed, and you will know the sting of my belt again! Though wielded in worship, it will be mine to control, and it will make you cry out in rapture.

And when you are sufficiently marked and sore, when the smooth skin that covers your buttocks is angry and raised with welts, when the oil that covers your body gives way to rivulets of pain induced sweat, you will know again the thrust of my cock. You will know that all your entrances are mine, and you will open them to me with gratitude, and welcome me within you.

And when I have spent myself on you with my offerings, I will bring you down from your cross, and tend to your body as always, with ice and linament!

Reflect at that time about what it is that every god and goddess must have to be powerful and omnipotent... A WORSHIPPER.

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