i want to tell you...  

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10/27/2005 12:45 pm

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i want to tell you...

i want to tell you about my love. i want to tell you what it is like to have a lover whose smell means more to me than her sex, whose soft cheek remains in my mind longer than the taste of her womanhood! i want to confess my love for a woman, whose deep kisses are so full of passion, and caring, and emotion, that i would gladly spend a day just tasting their hidden nectar, and never touch her delicate skin!

i want to tell you what it feels like, to release her brassiere, and feel the warmth of her breast against my mouth, the hardness of her nipple between my teeth! i want to tell you the sensation of slipping her panties to her feet, and letting the warmth built up there, so full of desire, assail my nostrils.

more than anything i want to tell you that when i reflect on our love-making, the thing that i remember the most, is not the act itself, but rather the feel of her legs around me, drawing me closer, her tongue in my mouth, searching and finding my own tongue!

i want to tell you all these things, but my skills as a writer are not up to the task, and i am afraid, that when you have finished reading, you will not envy me, as i believe you should, as i believe she deserves,for being the recipient, of such a love!

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