armstrong on the moon  

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3/14/2006 11:25 am

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armstrong on the moon

for lilie1977

like de gama,
cabeau and columbus,
like hillary and tenzing
i long for the unchartered territory,
of your body,
the open plains of your belly,
swept by gentle winds,
untilled by the plough and the ox.
the shoreline of your lips,
caressed by the ebb and flow,
of tender tides,
of your tongue,
their sands unmarked by footprints.
the red-tipped ranges of your breasts,
their slopes needing to be mastered,
conquered, ascended,
their peaks unscaled.
and the deep valley between your thighs,
warm and humid,
cascading waterfalls,
its river's upper reaches flowing,
ceaselessly towards the sea.
i long to know you,
explore you,
master your wilderness,
mark you as my own!
bare to me your rivers and your lakes,
i will swim them,
your mountains and hills,
i will climb them,
your deep forests,
i will tame them,
and nurture a new nation,
under me!
for you!


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