and I looked, and marvelled!  

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10/19/2005 5:36 am

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and I looked, and marvelled!

I think it one of the greatest failings in a lover never to take the time to truly study the complexities, the intricasies, the crests and troughs of his lover's body. Often the frenzied passion of love-making, the unbridled desire of sexual contact blinds us to the true beauty of the creation we hope to possess. We skip its vagaries and harmonies for the slightest moments of physical pleasure, mistaking sexual adoration for appreciation.

I am lying in bed with my lover the other day, our love-making finished, the circle having been completed. She is lying on her stomach, face in her pillow half visible! With my eyes I follow the line of her spine as it progresses from her neck to the dark valley that cleaves her buttocks. I see the fine hairs at the back of her neck, still wet from my last kiss, the ear so twisted in its construction yet so splendid in its finished form. Down I go to the gentle fan of ribs that fling themselves forward to protect her beating heart, her vital organs, guardsmen as silent as those who stand post at the Queen's front gate. Their pattern is no less delicate than the ripples of water in a pond. Down further from there, to the gentle swale descends from her rib cage, only to rise up again to form the two hills of her buttocks, perfect in their roundness.

My lover is magnificent, and I can only envy the sheets that curl themselves around her at night when I am not there, warming her and in turn being warmed by the heat she emits in her unconsciousness! I can only hate the pillow which cradles her head, feels the soft touch of her hair, is recipient of her first hazey morning stare!

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

10/26/2005 8:39 am

This is exquisite supinefeline ... absolutely exquisite ...


supinefeline 51M

10/26/2005 8:18 pm

thank you huntress, but it is my subject really, that is exquisite, i just write the truth!

supinefeline 51M

10/26/2005 8:24 pm

thank you huntress, but it is my subject really, that is exquisite, i just tell the truth!

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