Sex in Shinsaibash in the rain, Pt 1.  

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12/4/2005 9:04 pm

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Sex in Shinsaibash in the rain, Pt 1.

We meet in the rain in Shinsaibashi and go to a coffee shop. As we sit there drinking lattes I slip my hand up her skirt to her wetness! It is amazing! She is already sopping wet, and without panties the inside of her skirt is slippery with her excitement. My finger finds its way easily between the softness of her thighs, to her lips and finally to her clitoris. Her eyes reveal her excitement, they glaze over and her face relaxes. Here in this place, amongst the salary men and the chatting girls and the exhausted secretaries, I can massage her, caress her clitoris. It is not enough. I want to enter her, roughly!

Taking my finger out of her pussy I put my arm around her neck. Discretely, I slide my finger, sticky with her juice, into her mouth. She sucks it greedily yet briefly! I love that she loves her own taste. I whisper "I want to fuck you" into her ear. Her consent is tacit!

We drink our coffees and head out into the rain, into the umbrella toting crowds,looking for a place to quench our desire!

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